The MasterMinders Take Over The 3D Retreat


Some of you may not know that 3D Dentists recently moved their home from the second floor of Dr. Agarwal’s private practice to a new 10 acre retreat about 20 minutes north of the practice in Raleigh, NC.  Fittingly, the first program held at the new retreat was the 2021 Millennial Mastermind from February 25-28, 2021.  If you missed the start of this Mastermind but want to be a part of a future mastermind there is good news – our next Mastermind will start in June 2021.

A Little Blurb About the 3D Retreat

Dentistry can often feel isolating, especially for those who are driven and don’t have like minded driven dentists to lean on.  The 3D Retreat is designed to allow dentists to completely immerse and ‘geek out’ on dentistry – clinical, business, and emotional sides of dentistry – by creating an environment that encourages such interaction.

The 3D Retreat consists of the following…

  • The 3D Lodge which has 7 bedrooms large enough to comfortably sleep 12
  • The 3D Loft with 2 bedrooms and a bonus room to comfortably sleep 6 – a private accommodation ideal for those bringing their entire team to a training.
  • The 3D Training Center is large enough to comfortably hold 48 attendees, equipped with first class AudioVisual components, and the necessary equipment and materials for hands-on exercises.

The 3D VIP experience add-on includes on site accommodations, daily breakfast, daily lunch, daily dinner, and daily drinks.

The 3D Retreat can also be rented for private events for dental practices and dental companies looking for a different and inclusive experience.

3D Retreat at the 3D Dentists 10 acre campus


Recap from the February 2021 Millennial MasterMind

The festivities began on Thursday evening with everyone meeting each other, talking about their practices, and enjoying some drinks.

What I immediately loved seeing were some one-to-one conversations developing on the side.  Where people could ask specific questions from other masterminders who have been through what they are going through.  It’s exactly what the 3D Retreat was developed around!

FYI – nearly everyone stayed up connecting, talking shop, and getting to know each other until nearly 2am!

Friday began with breakfast cooked by Dr. Sully Sullivan (co-leader of the MasterMind) and a day spent at the 3D Training Center focused on developing clarity, vision, and focusing on the why.  It’s amazing to see the ‘aha’ moments, the writing of notes, and the questions that help dentists move forward and accelerate their careers.

After an invigorating and thought provoking day at the training center the program wasn’t over like most CE events.  With the 3D Retreat the learning and camaraderie continues for those who want to fully immerse.  The evening was food, drinks, and time spent answering and clarifying the concepts learned during the day at the comfort of the living spaces within the retreat.

You know everyone was excited and enjoying themselves when they are being told it’s time to go to bed around 1am!

An evening spent clarifying and discussing the concepts from the daytime training in the living room of The 3D Lodge

After a hearty, healthy breakfast on Saturday morning, the masterminders were back at it in the training center.  Our sole focus was developing a case acceptance workflow that moves more patients to yes, reduces accounts receivables, and encourages patients to say yes to doing more advanced and complex dentistry in fewer, well planned visits.

Of course no trip to 3D Dentists would be complete without visiting the world famous Goodberry’s and our game of credit card roulette.  Thanks to Dr. Daron Clark of Nashville, TN for ‘winning’.

Our obligatory trip to Goodberry’s

Sunday morning was spent solidifying the most important action steps from the weekend.  Those things that make the biggest impact to getting to YOUR goals.

Action steps for going further, faster!

The great news is that the learning and support is just beginning.  The next 6 months will include monthly accountability group sessions and one-to-one coaching calls to stay on track, deal with inevitable challenges, and keep the energy high!

The MasterMinds are my favorite programs!  We really get to know each other, become friends, become a support system, and really make an impact in lives.

Be sure to apply to join our next MasterMind session.

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