7 Reasons You’re Hesitating To Register for a 3D Dentists Workshop

Each year I open my office and ‘peel back the curtains’  four times for the Ultimate 3D Hands-On Workshop.  In this hands-on workshop I share the secrets and workflows that have helped make our office successful, predictable, and profitable with digital implant dentistry.
Since our workshops are limited to a maximum of 12 dentists per session, that means each year I am able to share this knowledge with only 48 dentists.  Now is the best time to ensure that your practice and patients will benefit.  But you’re hesitating.
Why?  To be honest, it’s one of the biggest frustrations I face.  To meet dentists who have invested nearly a quarter million dollars in 3D technology, but hesitate to invest a few thousand dollars in education that will absolutely change the way they deliver implant dentistry.
So I’ve come up with a list of the most common objections and ask that you give me a chance to address each of them.
The Most Common Objections.
1.  I’m too busy.  Guess what?  We’re all too busy.  Whether it’s family, work, or the hundreds of other things that take over our lives.  But that’s the beauty of the Ultimate 3D workshop – it’s designed to help you get back time.
The techniques taught are designed for quick implementation and application.  They are proven to save time, money, and yield excellent clinical results.
2.  It’s over my head.  I get it – the learning curve can look extremely steep.  That’s the beauty of the Ultimate 3D workshop.  Whether you’re relatively new to implant dentistry or have decades of experience, the workshop is designed lower the curve and make digital implantology practical for nearly any 3D practice.
You’ll discover tips, tricks, and techniques that will change your approach to implant dentistry.
3.  I’m already past that.  Maybe you’re way past the fundamental stage.  But the Ultimate 3D workshop is about building your implant practice by going well beyond the fundamentals.  In fact, we have found those who are years into their implant journey benefit the most from our workshops.
Sometimes we become set in our ways and need a fresh outlook to break through and achieve new levels of success.
4.  My budget is tight.  I certainly understand budget being a concern.  That’s why the cost of our can be offset with a single dental implant.  Additionally, we offer a monthly payment plan for the course tuition.  The earlier you register, the more flexible your monthly payment options are.
Honestly, the course is a small investment compared to the huge returns you’ll see.
5.  I can get this all for free online.  You can find great implant information online – in fact, much of that great information is right here on my blog and on my Facebook account.  But the most valuable techniques are exclusively available at the workshops.  We dive deep, master with hands-on exercises, and supplement with a live patient demonstration.  There is no learning like hands-on workshops.
Workshop attendees also get exclusive follow up access to make sure you get your questions answered and have a successful implementation into practice.
6.  I’m worried about applying it in my practice.  One of the most common misconceptions is that I have a boutique dental practice that is unique.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  My practice participates as a contracted provider and is very much like 90% of practices out there.  The techniques and efficiencies were born out of necessity to achieve outstanding clinical results that are predictable and profitable.
Our business and clinical principles are practice tested, based on common sense, and implementable in almost any practice style.
7.  I’m not sure you’re the right choice.  I totally understand this concern.  I’ve always believed that education is really about finding someone that you connect with.  There are many great choices for quality education – most of them are my very good friends.  I’ve helped develop many of the techniques that are being used today, am one of the most experienced digital implant clinicians, and am intimately involved in the future developments.
Most importantly, I live in the same world you live in.  I practice full time, manage a successful dental office that faces the same challenges that you face, and do my best to make learning fun and easy.
Would it make you feel better if you got to know me before you attended?  Here’s a link to listen to various interviews and videos I’ve been involved with.  I’m positive you’ll have a better understanding of who I am and what I’m about.
Ready to Continue Your Journey?
If you are serious about maximizing your technology, impacting your practice growth, and creating more time in your life, there’s no better time that now to register for the Ultimate 3D workshop.  There’s less than 30 seats left for all 2016 – make sure you’re in one of them!
Call (855) 332-2226 and speak with Devon, email info@3D-Dentists.com, visit www.3D-Dentists.com, or email me directly DrA@3D-Dentists.com to get more information or to register.

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