Grow Your Practice with Endo by Dr. Kevin


If your first reaction to the title is “Ugh, I hate Endo” hold on. Let’s explore how adding root canals, yes even the dreaded molar Endo, to your practice can be a practice builder.

Comprehensive Patient Care:

One of the primary benefits of general dentists providing Endodontic procedures is the ability to offer comprehensive care to patients. Instead of referring patients to specialists for root canal treatments, general dentists can become a one-stop solution for their patients’ dental needs. This not only streamlines the treatment process but also fosters stronger patient-dentist relationships by maintaining continuity of care within the same practice.

Time and Cost Efficiency:

The referral process to specialists often involves additional time and expenses for patients. By offering Endodontic services in-house, general dentists can save patients both time and money. Anyone who has heard me lecture or listened to my podcast knows that my premise is that we as dental practitioners are selling time. By combining the root canal with the crown procedure and doing them both at the same time your production per hour skyrockets. The other side of the coin of the time equation is your patient’s time. In a modern world filled with iPhones, Netflix, and Instacart, your patients expect reduced treatment time. Learn to deliver that to them

Increased Practice Revenue:

As mentioned above, incorporating Endodontic procedures into a general dental practice can lead to a significant increase in revenue. By expanding the range of services offered, dentists open up new avenues for income generation. Additionally, performing Endodontic procedures in-house eliminates the need for external referrals, allowing dentists to retain a larger share of the revenue generated from these services. A combined appointment of a molar root canal and crown in the same visit can rival the production per hour of placing an implant. 

Enhanced Treatment Planning:

General dentists who can perform Endodontic procedures are better equipped to develop comprehensive treatment plans. They can seamlessly integrate Endodontic treatments with other restorative and cosmetic procedures, ensuring a more holistic approach to dental care. This comprehensive treatment planning can lead to better outcomes for patients and a more satisfying overall dental experience. At 3D-Dentists we call this doing longer, well planned visits and thus seeing LESS patients but producing more per hour. 

Helping Your Community:

Being able to get your patients out of pain is a HUGE practice builder. Patients remember what you did for them in a time of need and become lifelong fans. I have many patients from my over 30 year career who bring up the time I helped them out when they were in pain. They also refer others. Having Endodontics in your arsenal is a key to practice growth and becoming a “Super GP”


The integration of Endodontic procedures into general dental practices represents a progressive step towards offering comprehensive, patient-centered care. As the dental landscape continues to change, general dentists have the opportunity to enhance their practices, increase revenue, and most importantly, provide their patients with a more seamless and efficient dental experience. By embracing endodontics, general dentists can position themselves as leaders in the evolving world of modern dentistry, ultimately benefiting both their practices and the oral health of their patients.

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