Revolutionizing Your Dental Practice: The Addition of New Dental Procedures


Taking Your Practice to the Next Level

Hello there, I’m Dr. Tarun Agarwal, and in our upcoming podcast, I’ll be discussing how adding new dental procedures can effectively enhance your dental practice, attracting fresh patients and increasing your revenue.

Demand Analysis: The First Step

Our journey begins with understanding the demand for the new procedure within your local community. This step is critical, as high demand will likely translate into an influx of new patients. To gauge this, we’ll look at how to connect with fellow dentists, poll your existing patients, and perform thorough market research, using tools like online search trends and industry publications.

Profitability: A Key Determiner

Then we’ll venture into ensuring the profitability of the new procedure. I will guide you through accurately calculating the cost of the procedure, which includes accounting for material, equipment, labor, marketing, and patient education costs. We’ll also discuss devising a competitive and profitable fee structure for your patients, based on market rates and the value proposition of the procedure.

Preparation: Training and Equipment

Adding a new procedure mandates the appropriate training and equipment. I will share insights on finding the right training programs and procuring necessary equipment from reliable sources. You’ll learn how to use both online resources and your professional network to find these opportunities.

The Art of Patient Engagement: Marketing and Education

Once you’re ready to offer the new procedure, it’s time to market it effectively to your patients and educate them about its benefits and risks. From creating informative brochures to using local media advertising, we’ll cover various strategies to ensure your patients are well-informed and excited about the new offering.

About Your Host: Dr. Tarun Agarwal

I am Dr. Tarun Agarwal, known to many as T-Bone, a dentist and entrepreneur with a passion for helping dentists grow their practices. As the founder and CEO of 3D Dentists and the host of the Dentistry Made Simple podcast, I’ve helped hundreds of dental practitioners boost their success and I can’t wait to share these insights with you.

The upcoming podcast is packed with actionable advice, providing you with the tools and resources you need to take your practice to the next level. I look forward to joining you on this exciting journey to enhance your dental practice through the addition of new dental procedures.

Here’s to the success and growth of your dental practice. I can’t wait to connect with you in the podcast!

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