A Conversation about Dental Podcasts (and other things) – Alan Mead


Alan Mead got T-Bone into podcasting. In this episode, they have a conversation about dental podcasts and connecting with other podcasters, along with chatting about numerous other aspects of their dental practices. You will enjoy this lively conversation that covers everything from patient flow to technology, from whether or not to take insurance to setting goals, along with great discussion about podcasting.

An honest conversation about changes and growth in dental practices

Alan Mead and T-Bone both have busy practices as well as doing dental podcasts. In this episode, they talk about what has been going great and what hasn’t, how changes they have made have affected their practices, what they’re proud of, and what they’re not. Listen to this fun and honest conversation – you’re sure to hear stories you’ll identify with and find some encouragement and tips along the way.

Dental podcasts provide daily continuing education

Dental podcasts have really taken off. There are a lot of them out there. Many dentists are turning to podcasts for free, ongoing continuing education. In this episode, Alan Mead talks about podcasting, where to find stats to know how your podcast is doing, and using podcasts to connect with other people. His two-day January summit, “The Voices of Dentistry,” was a meet-up for dentists who love to create, or listen to, dentistry podcasts. Recordings from that summit are available on the website.

How much time do you take off from your dental practice?

A dentist with a successful practice who is also involved in podcasting and teaching courses leads a very busy life. In today’s conversation, T-Bone and Alan Mead each talk about how much time they take off, and how they use it. Listen in to find out their perspective on vacation, spending time on your practice instead of just in your practice, and other things you can do with your time off.

Quick thoughts on big ideas for your dental practice.

How important is money to you? Do you need more or just want more? What are you doing in terms of new technology for your dental office? Are you setting goals? And implementing them? Are there areas of your practice that are behind the times? Join Alan Mead and T-Bone for today’s fast-paced conversation filled with short yet significant ideas on all of these topics, and more.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:13] Alan Mead’s thoughts on blogging and podcasting.
  • [5:20] Evaluating new patient flow.
  • [7:32] Dropping insurance as a provider, not as a practice.
  • [11:25] Digital appliances for sleep apnea.
  • [12:31] Putting the right people around you to implement your ideas.
  • [15:12] The Voices of Dentistry, a 2-day podcaster summit.
  • [19:22] Alan Mead’s thoughts about his Dental Hacks podcast.
  • [23:46] Adding new procedures and new technology to your dental practice.
  • [31:17] How much time do you take off from your dental practice?
  • [36:45] Upgrading your practice to catch up with the times.
  • [42:17] Thoughts about money, raises, and sponsors for podcasts.
  • [46:10] Voices of Dentistry – hanging out with people who listen to podcasts.
  • [53:54] Do you do Facebook Live?
  • [55:23] Thoughts on setting goals for your dental practice.
  • [58:20] Have you thought about dropping insurance?
  • [1:00:26] Kudos to Alan’s dad, who has been doing dentistry for 47 years.

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