How CEs Improve Productivity and Culture with Caroline Tuttle


Caroline Tuttle is the owner of Tuttle Dental Care, a family practice in West Windsor, New Jersey. The services they offer include veneers, bridges, fillings, dentures, implants, Invisalign, hygiene, and crowns. Caroline didn’t always share her father’s passion for dentistry, preferring at first to earn a degree in psychology and a minor in economics in 2008. The passion took root regardless, and she enrolled in Rutgers School of Dental Medicine in 2012, graduating five years later. She recently took over ownership of the family practice and expanded their services to include the latest tools and dental technology.

Caroline joins us today to discuss what it was like taking over a family practice. She shares the experience of working with her father and the wisdom she gained. She describes how continuing education became a factor in their practice’s expansion and the tools she has since bought. She explains what she learned from our mastermind and some key takeaways regarding delegation and block scheduling. Caroline also shares her social media marketing style.

“You can’t just go to CE and never do anything with it. You have to go to CE and implement it.” – Caroline Tuttle

This week on T-Bone Speaks Dentistry Podcast:

  • Caroline’s life and professional experience
  • What Caroline’s father’s practice was like when she took over
  • The last five years running a dental practice
  • How Caroline unlocked the potential of her father’s practice
  • The positive and negative aspects of taking over a family practice
  • Continuing education and how it was a factor in improving the business
  • Why Caroline went to the mastermind event and what her critical takeaways were
  • Block scheduling and what Tuttle Dental Care’s current business schedule is like
  • Caroline’s thoughts on delegation and replacing herself
  • The challenges Caroline faced before, during, and after Covid-19
  • The best way to develop a practice’s culture
  • Slowing down to be more productive
  • How an associate can improve the way you run your practice
  • How Caroline does her practice’s social media marketing
  • Caroline’s advice to those who want to do more of the dentistry they prefer

Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “Investing in CE has continually been the biggest thing for me because I end up making more money after every course.” – Caroline Tuttle
  • “Replacing yourself is not about making less, but about creating flexibility to focus on what’s important to you.” – Tarun Agarwal
  • “Culture is knowing your people. The number one product we have in every practice is our people.” – Tarun Agarwal

Connect with Caroline Tuttle:

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