Achieve balance in your dental practice – Dr. John Yu


Are you feeling the chaos that comes with a growing dental practice? As you add patients, services, and staff, it can feel a bit overwhelming, and the hope for achieving balance in your practice can seem like an elusive dream. In today’s episode, T-Bone talks with Dr. John Yu about his growing practice in Oro Valley, Arizona. Together they hash out what it will take to find balance and achieve worthwhile goals of money, time, and satisfaction. Listen in to find out what steps you want to take toward reaching your goals and loving what you do!

Create zones in your office space for smoother workflow

Are you building out a new facility? Or ready to make some changes in your old one? In this episode, T-Bone talks with Dr. John Yu about the choices he made in designing his new workspace so that it would function more efficiently and help him toward his goals. You’ll want to listen to this conversation to get ideas for location, zones, and more! Find out how the design of your clinic can contribute to achieving balance in your practice!

How to determine the procedures your practice will focus on

What procedures does your dental practice currently include? Are these procedures helping you reach your goals for money, time, and satisfaction? In this episode, T-bone and Dr. Yu talk about the variety of procedures that can help grow your practice, what procedures to delegate to an associate, and how to implement new procedures that will bring growth. Listen to their conversation to find out how achieving balance in the procedures you offer can help you reach your goals.

Is the increase in income with a growing practice worth the headaches that come with it?

What determines whether increased income is worth the headaches and struggles needed to get there? In this episode, T-Bone talks about when the increased income is not important, and when it is very much worth the struggle. Do you need more money? Or do you need more time, or more satisfaction from your work? You’ll want to hear this conversation and get motivated to achieve balance and accomplish what is important to you.

Managing the chaos of a growing dental practice

There is a sense of chaos that can come with expanding your dental practice, as you attract more patients and add procedures. Today’s episode will help you achieve balance out of the chaos. Listen in to beat the chaos–learn how to bring an associate into your practice, how to effectively use block scheduling, create zones in your office space, and more!

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:27]Intro to this episode with Dr. John Yu.
  • [7:29] Dr. Yu describes his current practice and some of the challenges he faces.
  • [11:27] Dr. Yu’s move to a new office space — what he did and how it affected his practice.
  • [26:10] What procedures have transformed Dr. Yu’s practice.
  • [33:18] Dr. Yu and T-Bone talk about the challenge of managing the chaos.
  • [40:37] Determine your direction: Is it worth the headaches and stress?
  • [44:52] Decisions about PPO’s and hygiene affect the profitability and the balance of your practice.
  • [55:30] T-Bone addresses the fears about hiring an associate.
  • [1:01:05] Define what growth means to you.
  • [1:05:26] How to find an associate who will work well with you.
  • [1:12:34] Adding sleep apnea to the procedures you provide.
  • [1:18:07] How to find time for building the relationships that will help grow your practice.
  • [1:21:9] Effective block scheduling: A worthwhile tool for reducing the chaos of your busy dental practice.

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