Applying Implant Dentistry to Grow Your Practice with Morgan Gibson


Morgan Gibson is a dentist in Anniston, Alabama who manages Gibson Family Dentistry, a practice that offers cleanings and examinations, cosmetic dentistry, crowns and bridges, smile makeovers, and dental implants. Morgan attended the University of Alabama, where she obtained her bachelor’s and master’s degree. She also earned her Doctorate of Dental Medicine at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She specializes in smile rehabilitation, dental implants, and general dentistry. 

Today, Morgan joins us to share her experience with dental implants and why she was hesitant to try them in the past. She describes the kind of dentistry she provided when she was starting and why she felt burned out. She discusses the time she decided to do implants, the struggles she had initially, and how she feels about them today. She explains how implants had allowed her to practice dentistry with a lower stress level. Morgan also shares advice to those who may want to try something new, like implants.

“Implants are like a gateway drug. You taste that success and you know you can make it happen.” – Tarun Agarwal

This week on T-Bone Speaks Dentistry Podcast:

  • Who Morgan is, her educational attainment, and how she runs her practice
  • Morgan’s definition of success and why it can be miserable
  • The point Morgan decided she wanted more for herself
  • How the Mastermind Weekend enabled Morgan to run her practice efficiently
  • Why moving slower helps to better run your practice
  • How Morgan found out about 3D Dentist
  • Morgan’s implant journey, her struggles, and how she made it work
  • How Morgan has become more familiar with implants 
  • What Morgan can expect now that implants have become a staple procedure in her practice
  • Why it is likely that Morgan won’t be a traditional dentist in the future
  • How implants let Morgan practice dentistry with less stress
  • Morgan’s advice to those who hesitate trying implant dentistry
  • Why Morgan was worried about being burned out with dentistry

Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “There are so many levels to what one can think of success.” – Morgan Gibson
  • “The risk of spending an extra bit to learn something new is going to pay off financially and decrease your stress. It’s going to make you feel so much better about your job.” – Morgan Gibson
  • “It’s important for people to hear other people being successful.” – Tarun Agarwal

Connect with Morgan Gibson:

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