Applying Mastermind Fundamentals with Jeff Scammahorn


Dr. Jeffrey Scammahorn is the owner of Westmoore Dental Studio, a dental practice located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. They offer services related to implants and bridges, sleep apnea, preventative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and restorative dentistry. He started Westmoore Dental Studio in September of 2019 only to encounter the many challenges wrought by the Covid-19 pandemic barely six months later. Despite the struggles, Jeffrey found ways to adapt and improve his techniques in both services and leadership practices. Joining our mastermind helped him in these endeavors. 

Today, Jeffrey joins us to describe his experience during our mastermind event: his takeaways, the people he met, and the relationships he formed with other dental professionals. He shares how the pandemic affected his newly bought practice and the lessons he learned from the experience. He explains how the mastermind event changed the way he ran his practice, especially when hiring team members. He discusses how implants and sedation allowed his business to grow while also letting him take time off. Jeffrey also shares the benefits of joining a mastermind event.

“I get to do a lot more of what I like to do now, rather than a lot of fillings.” – Jeff Scammahorn

This week on T-Bone Speaks Dentistry Podcast:

  • Who Jeff is, where he graduated, and how long he’s been practicing dentistry
  • How the pandemic affected his practice
  • Jeff’s advice to anyone planning to buy a practice
  • Why Jeff was inclined to join the mastermind
  • The new leadership techniques Jeff applied in his practice
  • The overlooked area of practice management
  • What happens when you don’t fix your schedule
  • How long it takes to see the results of priority scheduling
  • What implants mean to Jeff and why he added them to his practice
  • Why the fundamental concepts of the mastermind are important
  • How sedation improved Jeff’s practice and patient experience
  • How to make implants important to your team
  • The networking benefits of joining a mastermind

Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “It’s been super neat to see patients transition from anxious to not anxious.” – Jeff Scammahorn
  • “Big case dentistry isn’t always fancy dentistry.” – Tarun Agarwal
  • “Anything good takes work and takes getting uncomfortable.” – Tarun Agarwal

Connect with Jeff Scammahorn:

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