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I was recently interviewed by Joshua Scott, the host behind the GO LIVE podcast and The 8E8 Show. Joshua is the CEO of Studio 8E8 (pronounced “88”), a creative dental marketing firm specializing in brand creation, website development, and digital solutions. He is also a marketing speaker and consultant specializing in boosting a dental practice’s marketing efforts and social media presence. The GO LIVE podcast is a show that is hosted live every week on Facebook that features top dental influencers and thought leaders. Joshua has over 20 years of public speaking experience, with 15 of those years providing for the dental industry.

Today, Joshua interviews me on how I got started in dentistry and my passion as an educator. I share my thoughts on how technology allowed new dentists to reach their peaks years faster than our predecessors and describe why I don’t want dentists to walk the same path of those in medicine. I explain how I came up with the name “3d Dentists,” my entrepreneurial drive, and why I want to teach other dentists. I also discuss my thoughts on podcasting, why it’s more sincere than video, and the future of dental marketing.

Implant dentistry is unlike any other aspect of dentistry – it’s literally never ending.” – T Bone

This week on T-Bone Speaks Dentistry Podcast:

  • The difference between having a dental career before the internet and after.
  • How I got started in the dental industry.
  • Why I don’t want dentistry to go the path of medicine.
  • Why I pursued an interest in helping other dentists further their education.
  • Where the name “3D Dentists” came from and why I started it.
  • The value clients get from my programs over others.
  • My thoughts on podcasting and why I started mine.
  • The best way to vet your potential implant patients.
  • What it means to market to your people subliminally.
  • Why dentists shouldn’t be “dentisting” all the time.
  • Why I started the 3D Retreat program and the goals I set out to have.

Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “Putting the team together is the most important thing to do in any business.” – T-Bone
  • “My belief system is you should have unlimited earning potential.” – T-Bone

Connect With Joshua Scott:

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