Check your occlusion before you prep

If you have been doing  porcelain Inlays and Onlays for a certain amount of years you may have seen margins chipping on the cavosurface during recall visits. My experience has […]

Doc, Can you fix my front dark tooth?

4 years ago a 60 year old woman presented to my practice with a chief concern that she has hated her front tooth (#8) for years and has never felt […]

Do Cerec Restorations last?

I started my Cerec Journey in 2008 and over the years I have placed thousands of Cerec restorations. I have seen my fair share of failures. Most failures have happened […]

Symmetry and Function : Best of both worlds

I would like to share one of my articles that was published in 2017 Q1 in Magazine.   Edith Wharton quoted “ The desire for symmetry and balance is […]

Help me change my future

Patient presented to the office with a chief complaint “I have had a rough past. I want to change my future . Please help me” Usually we associate chief complaint […]

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