Help me change my future


Patient presented to the office with a chief complaint “I have had a rough past. I want to change my future . Please help me”

Before treatment : Mal-aligned and missing teeth

Usually we associate chief complaint being clinical in nature. This patient has had a rough past involving jail, drug addiction and bad relationships. He presented to me with a missing tooth and mal-aligned upper anterior teeth. He has been living for the last several years in jail with a missing #10. He served his sentenced and now feels rejected wherever he goes for a job due to his crooked teeth and missing lateral incisor.He lacks confidence and wants to change that for a better future. Several treatment plans including Ortho to align teeth and Implant for missing tooth along with restorative treatment choices were discussed and he chose to fix his smile with a veneer on #7 due to it being rotated, crown on #8 as he wanted it to look longer and blend in with other teeth and a bridge from 8 -10 . All restorations were made same day with Cerec and Emax. Biojaw design technique was used to design the restorations.The treatment took about 4 hours and the patient could not believe that the transformation was real. He was beyond thrilled with the results. Emax is a very versatile material as it can be used not only in the posterior region but also in the anterior region for different kind of restorations like veneers,crowns and bridges. With the right stain and glaze techniques they can be made to blend in with the rest of the dentition and give the patient the smile they desire. 2 months after the treatment patient came in with a box of cookies and a thank you note saying that his smile has made him more happy and confident than ever before and has a job and his life is moving in the right direction.


After treatment : Emax veneer on #7, Emax crown on #8 and Emax Bridge from 9-11.


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