Building a State-of-the-Art Dental Practice, Dr. David Juliani


Dr. David Juliani has built a two million dollar, state-of-the-art dental practice in Rochester, Michigan. In this episode, Dr. Juliani tells the story of starting his practice from scratch 20 years ago and how it grew into the thriving business that it is now. Whether or not you want a facility of that size, you’ll want to hear this interview and benefit from Dr. Juliani’s wisdom about building a thriving dental practice.

Why a calculated risk is worth taking

Dr. David Juliani took a huge calculated risk with the amount of money he invested into his new, state-of-the-art dental facility. In this episode, Dr. Juliani talks about how he came to the conclusion that the risk would be worth taking, and what the outcome was. You’ll hear about the decisions he made and what their effect has been in his practice. Listen in and find out how to determine what kind of risk may be worth taking for the future of your dental practice.

A dental practice that can run smoothly without you gives you a lot of freedom

Dr. David Juliani would like to do more advanced dentistry and take on more speaking engagements. His question in today’s episode was about how T-Bone can take so much time off from his practice. What has he done so that the practice can run smoothly when he is not there? T-bone explains the ways that he has given autonomy to his team and freed them to work in his absence. He also talks about the work-in-progress this is and how he continues to work on his strategy. Listen in for some great tips for empowering your staff to run the practice when you are absent.

Focus on replacing yourself so that you can become what you envision for yourself

Has your dental practice grown to the point where you are ready to hire an associate? How will you decide what type of person you want to choose? In this episode, T-Bone and Dr. David Juliani talk about hiring associates and strategies for passing on basic dentistry to them. They share some of their own frustrations and mistakes and provide some specific questions for you to think about so that you can replace yourself in some areas and be freed up in others to do the things that are most important to you.

The decisions you make today for your dental practice will have long-lasting effects

Dr. David Juliani’s highly successful state-of-the-art dental practice did not happen by accident. It was what he did 10 to 15 years ago that enabled him to be where he is today. In this episode, Dr. Juliani talks about the decisions that he made and the steps he took early on that ultimately led to his success. Listen to today’s podcast to hear what those decisions and steps were, and how the choices you are making today will affect the future of your practice.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:16] Intro to this episode with Dr. David Juliani in Rochester, MI.
  • [6:33] Dr. David Juliani’s story: How he started from scratch and built a thriving practice.
  • [11:36] Is merging with a retiring practice worthwhile?
  • [13:50] Why Dr. Juliani decided to build a new facility.
  • [16:14] Being a PPO dentist does not preclude you from doing great dentistry or from having the best technology.
  • [24:42] The decision to refer out or add new procedures to your practice
  • [32:16] How to have good relationships with your associates.
  • [38:55] David Juliani’s state of the art office, with Sirona package.
  • [49:19] Why a calculated risk is worth taking.
  • [54:08] Why you should pay yourself like an associate.
  • [59:13] Focus on replacing yourself so that you can become what you envision for yourself.
  • [1:08:23] How to make the change to not doing fillings and crowns.
  • [1:10:14] How Tarun’s practice can run smoothly when he isn’t there.
  • [1:15:07] What to look for when hiring an associate.
  • [1:18:25] The decisions you make today have long lasting effects.
  • [1:20:02] T-Bone’s takeaway from this conversation.
  • [1:21:21] Dr. David Juliani’s speaking topics and how you can contact him.

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