Meena Barsoum has built a thriving and growing dental practice in just six years. In this episode, he and T-bone talk about the various factors that have made him successful. Listen in to find out the steps Barsoum took, from right out of school to now having an established practice and speaking and teaching around the country. You won’t want to miss this practical, honest, and sometimes entertaining conversation about building a successful dental practice!

The Advantages of Participating in a PPO

Some dentists believe that participating in a PPO means they will be stuck doing just fillings and crowns for the rest of their career, and that they want to stop taking insurance so they can do more complex dentistry. Barsoum and T-Bone have a different perspective. In this episode, they will talk about the benefits of PPO’s and how not taking insurance could be suicide for your business. Listen in to learn how PPO’s can help your dental practice to grow.

What makes a dental practice successful?

Do you want your dental practice to grow and be successful? Meena Barsoum wanted his practice to stand out. In this episode, he talks about what makes his practice different, and how the technology he has invested in and the team he has built have contributed to his success. You’ll want to hear this very practical conversation, filled with dynamic principles for building a practice that stands out from the rest.

The do’s and don’ts of hiring a dental associate

Is hiring an associate a good move for your dental practice? What things should you consider and address in the process of bringing someone on? These questions and more are addressed in this honest conversation between T-Bone and Meena Barsoum. If you’re thinking of bringing on an associate or have done so recently, you won’t want to miss this practical discussion.

Continuing Education for dentists — the value and timing

Continuing Education plays a significant role in the development of your dental practice. When is the best time to participate in CE classes? How many should you take? In this episode, Meena Barsoum talks about the value of getting CE right from the beginning of his practice, in spite of how busy he was starting out. Listen to this conversation to find out why Barsoum places such great value on Continuing Education, and how it contributed to building a successful practice.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:15] Intro to the podcast and this episode with Meena Barsoum
  • [8:36] Meena Barsoum describes his practice and why he was motivated to start it.
  • [13:08] Why not taking insurance could be suicide to your business.
  • [17:47] How do technology and his team make Meena Barsoum’s practice different?
  • [26:34] Keeping the practice open and generating income even when you are not there.
  • [32:40] What gets sent out, and what is done in-house?
  • [36:46] The hurdles (financial and otherwise) that Meena Barsoum faced when starting his dental practice.
  • [40:41] How Meena grew from doing just fillings and crowns to more complex dentistry.
  • [44:11] What is going well in Meena Barsoum’s dental practice?
  • [47:11] What areas in Barsoum’s practice are not meeting his expectations?
  • [48:52] How Meena Barsoum got into speaking and training, and how he balances that with his dental practice.
  • [57:01] Meena Barsoum asks T-bone what he could be doing better in his business.
  • [59:48] Reasons that associates do or don’t work out.
  • [1:04:35] Meena’s short-term and long-term goals.
  • [1:11:15] How home sleep tests (HST) can grow your business
  • [1:13:38] Concluding conversation — “If you’re not growing, you’re dying.”

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