Debt Tolerance and Building a Sustainable Dental Practice, Dr. Sully Sullivan


What does it take to build a sustainable dental practice? How much debt do you need to take on in order to make that happen? How can you start saving when you have so much debt? T-Bone’s series on millennial dentists continues as he discusses these topics and more in today’s interview with Dr. Sully Sullivan of The Millennial Dentist podcast. Listen in to get insights about the changing culture of dentistry and how to thrive as part of that culture regardless of how long you have been in practice.

Why you should spend money on Continuing Education, even when you have a lot of debt

Many young dentists are hesitant to spend money on Continuing Education (CE) because of the debt burden they carry from student loans. On this episode, Dr. Sully Sullivan and T-Bone talk about the reasons it is important to not let debt stand in the way of getting CE. Listen in to learn about the value of in-person CE, the types of CE that are the most helpful to take, and the difference that CE can make in building a sustainable dental practice.

How to implement changes in your dental practice without getting beaten down

One challenge for many forward-thinking dentists is figuring out how to implement new ideas that members of the team may not be on board with. On today’s podcast interview with Dr. Sully Sullivan, T-Bone and Sully discuss this challenge and T-Bone shares some helpful insights on the difference between a staff and a team, setting non-negotiables, and creating an environment where everybody succeeds. Listen in to learn how to relate with your dental practice team in a way that creates cooperation and motivation.

Older dentists – Get your game ready so you don’t lose out to the millennials

Millennials have grown up with technology. They are learning and implementing dental technologies much faster than dentists who are in the forties were able to do. T-Bone is determined not to lose out to the millennials but to stay on top of new technologies and procedures so he can stay in the game. On this episode, T-Bone and Dr. Sully Sullivan talk about the fast-paced changes in dental culture and the up-and-coming millennial generation of dentists. Listen in to get an idea of where things are going and prepare to be part of it.

Debt can help you make more money, and saving helps you keep it

Many dentists see debt as the enemy and make paying it off their primary focus after getting out of school and starting a dental practice. On this episode, T-Bone and Dr. Sully Sullivan discuss the reasons that tolerating debt can actually help you make more money and why you shouldn’t let a couple hundred dollars a month dictate your mentality of how you move your life forward.They also focus on the importance of savings early on in your dental career. Be sure to listen in and find out how to get on the right track with both debt and savings.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:16] Why you should spend money on Continuing Education, even when you have a lot of debt.
  • [6:25] Why you should take CE on communication skills, not just clinical skills.
  • [8:02] Online CE vs. in-person CE.
  • [12:28] The crucial difference between having a dental staff and having a dental team.
  • [16:29] How to implement changes in your dental practice without getting beaten down.
  • [17:41] How do we create an environment where everybody succeeds?
  • [21:49] What do you do to make morning huddles exciting and effective?
  • [25:35] How to make the best use of a team member’s first 90 days.
  • [27:21] What T-Bone does with his CE that is unique.
  • [29:57] Millennials have got this: The changing culture of technology in dentistry.
  • [34:42] Older dentists: Get your game ready so you don’t lose out to the millennials.
  • [36:15] The more communication we can have between generations, the better it is for both.
  • [37:11] Why and how you should start saving at the beginning of your dental practice.

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