Dental Sales Training & Handling Patient Objections with Ashley Latter


Ashley Latter is recognized as The Selling Coach of the dental industry. He has over 26,000 hours of business coaching experience, all towards dentists all over the world. He teaches dentists how to get more of their patients to say yes to their treatment plans, overcoming the price hurdle. Through Ashley’s coaching, dentists have created more opportunities within their practices, improved treatment plan uptake, and confidently handle patient objections. Ashley is also the author of three sales books on dentistry: Don’t Wait for the Tooth Fairy – How to Communicate Effectively & Create the Perfect Patient Journey in your Dental Practice, The Dental Practice “Jugglers”, and You Are Worth It: Feel Comfortable Communicating your Fees & Achieve the Income your Services Deserve.

Today, Ashley joins us to share how dentists can be more professional about how they sell their services and how to handle patient objections. He explains why he became a sales coach for dentists, where it all began, and the people responsible for his career path. He describes how merely making a few phone calls a day can negatively affect your patient turnout and the big mistakes dentists make when it comes to taking new patients. Ashley also explains how discounts can harm your overall profitability and shares what listeners can expect from reading his books.

“If you get an objection, it doesn’t necessarily mean the patient doesn’t want to go ahead.” – Ashley Latter

This week on T-Bone Speaks Dentistry Podcast:

  • How Ashley got started in dental sales and case acceptance.
  • Why Ashley agreed to teach sales to dentists.
  • What “ethical sales” means and how he taught it in a course.
  • The big mistakes dentists are making when it comes to case acceptance.
  • Why making services cheaper won’t result in more patients.
  • How dentists can improve how they approach money and payments.
  • Knowing the right price for each service and each patient.
  • What dentists should do when handling rejections due to cost.

Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “Small reductions can make a massive impact to your net profit.” – Ashley Latter
  • “Make time each day to ring your patients at home.” – Ashley Latter
  • “Rapport builds trust.” – Ashley Latter
  • “If you don’t find out what the concern is, you can’t overcome the objection.” – Ashley Latter

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