Embracing Dental Technology, with Dr. Baron Grutter


T-Bone winds up his series on Millennial dentists with today’s interview of Dr. Baron Grutter from Kansas City, Missouri. Dr. Grutter graduated seven years ago. He has fully embraced Continuing Education and dental technology, which has resulted in his practice growing by over 70%. On this episode, Dr. Grutter shares his story, explains the role of technology in expanding his practice, and talks about why he was willing to invest in expensive technology so early in his career. Listen to discover how dental technology empowers you to add services and advance your life and career.

Debt, Continuing Education, and Investing in Dental Technology

Most students graduate from dental school with huge debt which can create, in their minds, a roadblock that holds them back from further education and investing in their dental practice. On today’s episode, Dr. Baron Grutter tells his story and explains why he didn’t let his school debt get in the way of his goals. Listen in and learn why debt doesn’t have to hold you back and how further investments in dental technology and Continuing Education can move your career forward very quickly.

New Dentists: Look for a practice you can build on

The dental practice that Baron Grutter purchased was pretty much a “bread and butter” practice – restorative dentistry and not much more. On this episode, Dr. Grutter describes how he was able to take what was there and build it into a modern thriving practice. T-Bone encourages young dentists to look for a practice they can build on, not one where they just do more of the same. Young dentists are taking much less time than their predecessors to learn and add new technology and procedures. Listen in as Dr. Grutter and T-Bone discuss specific ways you can learn and grow as a dentist and take an existing practice to the next level.

Dental technology that pays for itself is worth the investment

It might seem a little crazy for a graduate with $250,000 of school debt to purchase a dental practice and then spend money on Continuing Education and expensive dental technology. But on this episode, Dr. Baron Grutter explains why he did just that, and how the technology has paid for itself. Listen in to hear how these investment decisions have allowed Dr. Grutter to accomplish his goals and build a thriving practice.

The significance of dental technology now and in the future

Dental technology like CAD-CAM, 3D imaging, and 3D printing are not yet mainstream in dentistry but are well on their way. Dentists who use these technologies have quickly realized their significance, in terms of both patient experience and practice growth. In today’s podcast interview, T-Bone and Dr. Baron Grutter talk about the role of technology in dentistry both now and in the future. Listen in to learn why dental technology is something to be embraced and not feared, and how it can transform your dental practice.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:16] Today’s guest: Dr. Baron Grutter from Kansas City, MO.
  • [2:39] Dr. Grutter’s story from graduation to owning his practice.
  • [9:03] Does school debt matter?
  • [10:30] Why it is essential to take Continuing Education, even the first year out of school.
  • [12:33] Dr. Grutter’s practice in Kansas City.
  • [15:33] New dentists need more tools on their tool belt than dentists of 30 years ago.
  • [19:47] How Dr. Grutter educated himself so he could move on to advanced procedures. [22:24] The significance of dental technology, now and in the future.
  • [33:56] What are the legitimate things that can be done with a 3D printer?
  • [42:05] Dr. Grutter’s path to speaking and training.
  • [45:40] Don’t be afraid of technology and learning about it.
  • [46:00] The CE course that Dr. Grutter recommends for everyone.
  • [48:37] The steps Dr. Grutter took to increase his practice by 70%.
  • [53:21] How to start doing dental implants.
  • [55:08] Dr. Grutter’s 5-year goals include hiring two associates.

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