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We all start out working five or six days a week, but the end goal of every business owner should be to work as little as possible without losing business efficiency. Making yourself be more replaceable means you have more time to work on yourself and the business. This is why I am following a 3-day workweek schedule, as it lets me be more productive in projects that not only will improve my business, but also my skills and knowledge as a dentist.


Today, I am interviewed by my friends at the Dental Practice Heroes Podcast on how you can structure a 3-day clinical work week. I share my weekly routine and how strict I am with my schedule. I explain how you can reverse engineer your end goals, especially when it comes to your finances. I also discuss some of the struggles we encounter in our business and an important lesson I learned from my dad after a disappointing experience with a business partner.


“The biggest and most important investment you’ll ever make… is you.” – T-Bone


This week on T-Bone Speaks Dentistry Podcast:

  • What a 3-Day Work Week really
  • Why I sometimes break my 3-day work routine.
  • My schedule goal for 2021 and how I plan to make it work.
  • Tracking my diagnosis and determining costs per diagnosis.
  • Why we don’t schedule by production in our practice.
  • Reverse engineering procedures to fit your schedule.
  • Some of the major struggles I encountered in fixing my work week.
  • How to plan the funds for your preferred lifestyle.
  • My system for payment plans.
  • The biggest struggles in our practice and what we’re doing about them.
  • How you can bounce back from a low point in your business.
  • What people can expect from 3D Dentists and our program in the future.
  • My advice to new dentists coming into the industry.


Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “Case acceptance, ultimately, is directly related to how much you accept.” – T-Bone
  • “If you don’t know your end goal, you can’t reverse engineer anything.” – T-Bone
  • “We don’t have a case acceptance problem in dentistry; we have a diagnosis and communication problem in dentistry.” – T-Bone


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