How Dental Technology Can Help You Thrive in an Insurance Environment, Flashback Episode – T-Bone on The Thriving Dentist Podcast


In today’s insurance-driven environment, it is easy to start thinking that insurance is the enemy that will keep you from building the dental practice that you really want. In this flashback episode to his interview on The Thriving Dentist podcast, T-Bone shares his strong belief that dentistry can indeed thrive in an insurance environment. He explains how he has changed his mindset about insurance and how he has utilized dental technology to help his own practice thrive. Listen in to find out how dentistry truly can be everything you want it to be!

How to thrive in an insurance environment

According to T-Bone, the first step toward thriving in an insurance environment is acceptance, a mental commitment to working with insurance. In this episode, he talks about how he has committed to insurance while not letting it dictate what he offers to his patients. T-Bone explains how he uses photography to encourage his patients to have procedures done and how adding orthodontics can help dentists thrive in an insurance environment. Listen to this podcast to find out why insurance does not need to hold you back!

The most important technology in dentistry – #1 a digital camera

When asked about the most important technology for dentistry, T-Bone didn’t have to think twice. A digital camera has made all the difference in his practice because of the way it opens up conversations with patients. In this episode, T-Bone gets specific about the type of cameras you need (and what you don’t) and what to do with the photos once you take them. Listen to this interview to find out how something as simple as a camera can help your practice to thrive!

The most important technology in dentistry – #2 CAD/CAM

CAD/CAM, and specifically CEREC, has slowly changed T-Bone’s dental practice. “If you commit to it,” he says, “it will take you to places you didn’t dream were possible for your patients.” In this episode, T-Bone debunks some of the myths around CAD/CAM dental technology and talks about how it benefits his patients. He also explains the economics of CEREC and how it actually saves you money. Listen to this interview to get accurate information on this technology that can help your practice thrive.

The most important technology in dentistry – #3 Conebeam 3D imaging

T-Bone bought Conebeam to help him do implants. But the unexpected side effect was its use for diagnostics. In this interview, replayed from The Thriving Dentist podcast, T-bone describes the many uses he has found for Conebeam 3D imaging. He also talks about why the implant process should be controlled by the general dentist, how he decides which implants to do and which to refer out, and how Conebeam technology helps him make timely decisions about patient care. Listen to this podcast interview to learn what you need to know about how Conebeam 3D imaging can help your practice thrive!

Outline of This Episode

  • [25] Intro of T-Bone (Tarun Agarwal) and his practical approach to challenging subjects
  • [5:14] First steps in how to thrive today in an insurance environment.
  • [11:38] What do you do with digital photos once you take them?
  • [17:06] How orthodontics helps dentists thrive in an insurance environment.
  • [18:08] Why you have to expand your services if you want to do well.
  • [18:49] What are the most important pieces of technology in your practice?
  • [20:07] The most important technology in dentistry – #1 a digital camera.
  • [24:01] The most important technology in dentistry – #2 CAD/CAM.
  • [29:22] Debunking the myths about CAD/CAM (CEREC) technology.
  • [31:32] The economics of CEREC.
  • [34:55] Can CEREC be used for multiple units?
  • [35:45]The most important technology in dentistry – #3 Conebeam 3D imaging
  • [37:26] Why and how the implant process should be controlled by the general dentist.
  • [43:01] The best advice T-Bone received right out of dental school, and what he would tell a younger version of himself.
  • [48:17] Tarun’s unique training center on the 2nd floor of his office.

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