How We’re Preparing Our Practice Post COVID-19


Restarting your practice after a pandemic and more than 60 days of lockdown is not exactly something you would call normal. From relearning systems and establishing working hours to letting go of the routines that you considered normal during quarantine, it can be pretty confusing. However, you can make the transition easier by creating a list of requirements and discussing how you want the first few weeks to go with your team.


Today, we are joined by Hollie Bryant of Bryant Consultants to discuss what my practice needs to accomplish once everything is back to normal. I share what I have been doing and how I’ve been preparing my practice to reopen to the public. We describe the best time to hire a general dentist and why I’m not completely sold on the idea. I share my vision for my practice and what I want to focus on in the future. We also discuss some of the problems in our practice that we need to address as a team.


“Opportunities and challenges are the same things.” – TBone


This week on T-Bone Speaks Dentistry Podcast:

  • Updates to what’s going on with us and our practice.
  • What dentists should expect from their team post-COVID-19.
  • Addressing social distancing requirements in your practice.
  • When you should hire another general dentist.
  • My vision for my practice and what I want to focus on.
  • Why I never considered dropping insurance plans.
  • The financial advantage of diversifying your team.
  • How I can further improve my practice’s outbound marketing.
  • The areas where my practice and team are struggling.


Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “My real value has nothing to do with the dentistry I do.” – TBone
  • “When you get busy, you forget to do the things that got you busy.” – T-Bone


Connect with Hollie Bryant:


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