Keys to Implementing Change in Your Dental Practice – Dr. Matthew Snipes, Laura Kogan, and Cassee Birtcher


How many times have you gone to a great conference and gotten fired up about something new, only to come back and find your staff unmotivated and unwilling to make the changes you are excited about? Implementing change in your dental practice can feel like a big challenge. In today’s episode, T-bone has a conversation with Dr. Matthew Snipes and two members of his team about all the issues involved with implementing change and getting your staff and your patients on board.

How can we find the time to add new technologies and procedures to our already busy dental practice?

Lack of time is often brought up as a barrier to implementing change. In this episode, T-Bone talks with Dr. Snipes and his team about how to work new things into your dental practice without overwhelming your staff. Listen in to this conversation and find out how to motivate your team, get past the time barrier, and move forward with new technologies and procedures!

Should I use incentives to get my team on board?

Do you want to use incentives to help motivate your team to move forward with new technologies? An incentive is not always money. In this episode, T-bone gives some much-needed advice on how to find out what motivates your team members, and how to choose incentives that will work. If you are in the process of implementing change, you will want to hear this conversation on motivating team members and so much more.

How to create awareness for new technologies and procedures in your dental practice

You’re investing in new technology for your dental practice. But how do you implement the change and get your patients interested? In this episode, T-Bone talks with the dental team from Capstone Dental Downtown in Columbus Ohio, about all the different ways you can create awareness for the new technologies and procedures that you implement. You’ll come away from this episode with a great list of simple things you can do to get your patients interested and excited about what you are offering.

How to manage insurance and payment options for your dental patients

When you are implementing changes in your dental practices, and adding new technologies, the question of cost is usually a big one in the patient’s mind. In this episode, T-Bone and the Capstone Dental team talk about insurance, whether or not you need to get pre-authorization before starting patients down the road toward treatment, and how you can provide self-pay upgrade options for patients. This conversation will get you motivated and give you lots of great ways to help patients be able to pay for new procedures.

Outline of This Episode

  • [00:17] Intro to this episode and guests, Dr. Matthew Snipes, his office manager Laura Cogan, and assistant Cassee Bircher
  • [7:27] We are already doing so much in our normal day; how can we take on new things?
  • [14:20] Should I use incentives to get my staff on board?
  • [23:09] How can I fit any more work into 8 hours?
  • [31:24] Simple things you can do to create awareness.
  • [39:42] Is it better to get records taken asap not knowing about insurance, or to talk to insurance first and get the pre-auths?
  • [46:43] What would it take to put someone in as a sleep champion?
  • [50:49] When and how to use X-rays.
  • [54:26] Oral cancer screening.
  • [57:37] How to establish a payment plan that will work for your patients.
  • [1:03:15] What to do when PPO’s don’t cover the costs.
  • [1:15:00] Billing medical insurance for procedures that they will pay on.
  • [1:15:21] How team members can motivate a dentist to implement their ideas.
  • [1:22:50] Should I use outsourcing for the things I don’t have time to do?
  • [1:24:50] Taking risks that lead to rewards
  • [1:28:16] Talking up the technology to patients and creating awareness.
  • [1:32:32] Using RevenueWell to communicate with patients

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