Learning from DSOs with Bryan Debowsky


Dr. Bryan Seth Debowsky is part of the DentFirst Dental Care team in Atlanta. He specializes in General Dentistry and obtained his degree at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Shortly after graduating from dental school, Bryan joined the US Air Force Dental Corpse and remained for five years where he developed his skills in surgical, restorative, and endodontic dentistry. After he left the Air Force in 2005, Bryan joined the DentFirst team where he currently practices as one of their core members.

Today, Bryan shares the perspective of a DSO when it comes to supporting dental practices. He describes what led him to become a DSO, his experience in the Air Force, and why he chose to remain a DSO. He discusses the reasons he became a dentist in the first place and why he insists on hiring more specialists. He compares and contrasts the difficulties of a private practitioner and a DSO when it comes to hiring and retaining associates. Bryan also shares his thoughts on how to beat bigger competition, how to best market your dental services, and why dentists should understand the business aspect of their practice better.

“A DSO isn’t one term. There are many levels of what a DSO is.” – Bryan Debowsky

This week on T-Bone Speaks Dentistry Podcast:

  • Bryan’s opinion on being a DSO and the expectations he had
  • What Bryan learned about dentistry while being in the Air Force
  • What made Bryan choose to remain a DSO
  • Who inspired Bryan to become a dentist
  • What it means to pay yourself as an associate
  • Why practices should bring in more specialists
  • The best places to search for specialists
  • How DSOs manage to retain their associates
  • Why they demonstrate money collection to their doctors
  • Bryan’s thoughts on small and big businesses, and how to beat the competition
  • Bryan’s takeaways from his experience as a business owner and DSO

Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “Understanding there is a business side to what you do as a dentist is important.” – Bryan Debowsky
  • “Having a periodontist in the office allows us to do cases that may be out of what I can do.” – Bryan Debowsky
  • “We work to make sure patients know their insurance responsibilities so when we do the work, the patients have the right expectations.” – Bryan Debowsky
  • “When people are excited about what they’re doing, they’re happy to do dentistry.” – Bryan Debowsky

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