Mentorship, Networking, and Building A Team with Chris Barrett


Chris Barrett is the Clinical Director for Britely Dentures + Implants Studio, a practice that exclusively offers implants and dentures services. Some of the services they offer are full mouth dental implants, traditional dentures, and single tooth replacement. He has provided over 1,000 implants to his name and over 1,000 hours’ worth of continuing implant education. Chris also serves as a clinical instructor at Implant Pathway to guide other dentists to safe and effective implant treatments. 

Today, Chris joins us to share why he chose to exclusively offer implants in his practice and the significance of mentorship. He describes why he had to travel around the country a lot and why he eventually settled down in Arizona. He explains why he initially found no interest in doing implants and why implants piqued his interest. He shares his experience in looking for a dental coach and the importance of networking in the dentistry industry. He also discusses building your team and the roles you want to fill to maximize efficiency.

“Realistically, if you want to build a mentorship, figure out how to make life easier for the other person.” – Chris Barrett

This week on T-Bone Speaks Dentistry Podcast:

  • How Chris overcame the fear of moving from one city to another.
  • Why Chris initially thought implants looked boring.
  • What Chris would recommend to those who don’t have connections to mentors.
  • What it’s like being an implant-only practice and opening in the year of COVID-19.
  • How Chris structures his work week for efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • The experts you should be actively searching for to build your team.

Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “Make it a point to build relationships to get into other surgeons’ offices.” – Chris Barrett
  • “It’s imperative to have an onsite removable lab technician.” – Chris Barrett
  • “For every case you do, there are so many patients you have to see and screen to get to this point.” – Tarun Agarwal

Connect with Chris Barrett:

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