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Dr. Gene Messenger, in rural Massachusetts, has been growing his dental practice for 25 years. One thing that has kept Gene excited about his work is his commitment to never stop learning and working hard to stay at the top of his game. In this episode, Gene and T-Bone talk about his dental practice, how it has grown, the investments he found worthwhile, and where he looks for learning and growth opportunities.

Stay motivated in your dental practice through Continuing Education

Dr. Gene Messenger has been using Cerec in his practice for twenty years. And every year he has taken additional courses related to the Cerec. In this episode, Gene tells T-Bone why this commitment to never stop learning is an essential part of his growth as a dentist. He also talks about courses he has taken on other procedures and technology and how they have impacted both his personal growth and the growth of his practice. If you’re wondering what the role of Continuing Education should like in your practice, you’ll want to hear this conversation!

The best investments Dr. Gene Messenger has made in his dental life

As he continues learning more about dental procedures, Dr. Gene Messenger has had to make many decisions about what investments provide value for his practice. Listen to this episode to hear what factors drive those decisions and which investments have proved their worth over time, as his practice has grown from $200,000 annually to over $3,000,000.

How to motivate your staff to implement new things you have learned

Have you ever returned with great ideas after taking a course and then had it fall flat when your staff didn’t buy into the changes you wanted to make? In this episode, Dr. Gene Messenger talks about his staff and what he does to motivate both them and his patients to accept and implement new technology and procedures. His commitment to never stop learning has been contagious in his practice. Listen in to find out how!

Growing your dental practice with sleep apnea treatment

One of the most recent procedures Dr. Gene Messenger has been learning about is treating patients with sleep apnea. He is excited about how it is going as he has started implementing what he learned in the course he took with T-Bone. Listen to this episode to find out how you and your staff can learn more about sleep apnea treatment, using medical billing to pay for it, and the growth it can ignite in your dental practice.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:16] Dr. Gene Messenger’s story of the growth of his dental practice in rural Massachusetts.
  • [10:21] How Dr. Messenger decided to invest in Cerec technology.
  • [12:59] How locating his practice in a rural area impacted Dr. Messenger’s business growth.
  • [14:20] How taking a live dental implant course built Gene Messenger’s confidence.
  • [16:35] The latest courses that Dr. Gene Messenger is taking to continue his education.
  • [17:23] Why Dr. Gene Messenger is committed to never stop learning.
  • [18:25] How to be successful with treating sleep apnea.
  • [21:29] Passing on to your staff the excitement of what you are learning.
  • [26:19] The best investments Dr. Messenger has made in his dental life.
  • [32:12] Areas of Dr. Messenger’s dental practice that are not working well yet.
  • [32:57] Gene Messenger shares the nitty gritty of his practice structure in rural Massachusetts.
  • [39:09] Why should you take more education every year?
  • [40:50] What Dr. Messenger would tell graduating dental students.
  • [42:54] USA Today’s rating of a dental career.
  • [43:24] Growing your practice with sleep apnea treatment.
  • [46:58] T-Bone answers Dr. Messenger’s question about what he sees in his own future.

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