Team 3D

The secret behind 3D Dentists is our people.  We don’t pretend to be perfect, have all the answers, or be better than you.  Our core focus is guiding you to the next step on your dental journey, and helping you take control of your practice like never before.

Meet the 3D Faculty.

Each 3D Faculty member is dedicated to teaching the clinical concepts and business strategies you need to succeed in dentistry. Not only are they recognized experts, they are practicing dental professionals who understand and feel the same struggles and challenges you face on a daily basis.

Dr. Tarun Agarwal

Area of expertise

Dental Business
Dr. Sully Sullivan

Area of expertise

Practice Growth
Dr. Joc Jernigan

Area of expertise

Dental Implants
Dr. Timothy Anderson

Area of expertise

3D Printing
Matt Standridge
Dr. Matt Standridge

Area of expertise

Dr. Erin Elliott

Area of expertise

Sleep Apnea
Meredith Jones

Area of expertise

Meredith Jones

Area of expertise


Where We Practice Should Matter to You.

“Well that won’t work where I live” is a common excuse you have heard or said to yourself.  What makes 3D Dentists unique is that we live and work in communities just like yours – from big cities to small rural towns.  Rest easy knowing that our framework is proven to work regardless of where you live.

Team 3D Is United Under One Mission.

Our mission is to help overwhelmed & frustrated dentists by simplifying the clinical and business sides of dentistry so you can succeed in practice to win at life.

Everyone on Team 3D is obsessed with helping you build the dental practice of your dreams, and there’s no team out there more qualified to make that happen!


3D Retreat - Raleigh, NC

If you’re looking for a unique, immersive learning experience then you’ll love our 10 acre 3D Retreat in Raleigh, NC.

Our headquarters is equipped with the latest A/V, hands-on equipment, and ample space to ensure a perfect learning experience.

The 3D Lodge is the perfect VIP experience before and after class to geek out with like-minded dentists to make the most of your career.


3D Nashville

3D Dentists is excited to announce an additional location in Nashville, TN.  A dedicated training center inside Sullivan Dental Partners.

We will be offering many of our hands-on workshops led by Dr. Sully Sullivan at this new location.

Built in 2021, Sullivan Dental Partners is an absolute state of the art dental practice built purposefully for the needs of the modern general dental practice.

Not sure where to start? We can help.

We’ve mapped out the steps to getting started with our program so you can take better benefit from all we offer.

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