Risk-Taking: T-Bone’s Story with the Dental Hacks


T-Bone’s father was a dentist in India, but took the risk and came to America when Tarun was two years old to chase the American Dream. On today’s replay from the Dental Hacks Podcast, T-Bone shares the story of growing up in the hotel his dad owned and being inspired to become a dentist because of his dad’s work as a denture technician while he was waiting for the hotel business to become profitable. T-Bone followed the risk-taking example of his father as he went to dental school and opened his own practice. Listen and enjoy T-Bone’s inspiring story.

Dr. Tarun Agarwal: Serial Entrepreneur

T-Bone’s risk-taking and entrepreneurial mindset started young. In today’s interview from the Dental Hacks podcast, T-Bone tells the story of starting a billboard business in high school, running a t-shirt business in college, and moving on to open and develop his own dental practice and training center. Listen to this entertaining and inspiring story and get the “inside scoop” on T-Bone’s life!

You only get somewhere when you take a risk

Risk-taking has been a way of life for T-Bone. His father set the example by leaving India and coming to America, starting a hotel business, and working his way to success. T-Bone learned a lot from his dad about taking risks and appreciating what you have. On this episode, T-Bone shares the story of his early life, his journey through dental school, and how risk-taking has always been a part of his life and has led to his current success.

Your dental school and grades are not as important as how you treat people

No one in dental school would have thought T-Bone could ever do what he is doing now. But despite not having great grades or motivation in school, T-Bone has gone on to build a successful practice as well as a training center where he connects with people and passes on the things that he has learned. On this episode, T-Bone talks about how it’s not what school you go to or the grades you get that make you successful in practice. Rather, it’s how you treat people and how they perceive you that makes all the difference.

Why being an “insurance-free” dental practice is not necessarily the best choice

T-Bone entered dental practice at a time when talk about being an “insurance free” practice was all the rage. So T-Bone tried it for a year and discovered that it wasn’t the best idea. When he added insurance at the end of that first year, his practice grew exponentially. Listen to T-Bone’s story on today’s podcast and learn why taking insurance, even though lots of dentists complain about it, may actually be the way that your practice grows and thrives.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:16] Intro to the Dental Hacks podcast with Jason Lipscomb and Alan Mead.
  • [2:49] Introducing Tarun Agarwal (T-Bone).
  • [5:30] How T-Bone grew up in a room in his dad’s hotel.
  • [11:36] How T-Bone’s dad taught him risk-taking and inspired him to become a dentist.
  • [13:56] Dr. Tarun Agarwal: Serial Entrepreneur.
  • [19:11] You only get somewhere when you take a risk.
  • [21:04] Why teaching and training don’t have anything to do with how long you’ve been out of school.
  • [22:12] Your dental school and grades are not as important as how you treat people.
  • [26:46] T-Bone’s journey from dental school to private practice, and getting hooked on CE.
  • [29:32] Why being an “insurance-free” dental practice is not necessarily the best choice.


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