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Shivi Gupta is a dental practitioner at Scripps Rock Dental, a practice in San Diego that offers whitening, Invisalign, bridges, and implants among other services. She has been practicing for over 10 years, with a focus on cosmetic and family dentistry. Shivi applies a patient-first approach by reviewing photos and X-rays together with the patients. Originally a Canadian dentistry graduate, Shivi completed her residency in Texas and has since preferred the sunny weather of San Diego. 

Today, Shivi joins us to share why she moved from Canada to San Diego and her experiences as a young dentist. She describes her responsibilities in her practice and what makes their brand of dentistry fun and unique. She explains how headsets can improve the team experience and how it can boost workflow and productivity. Shivi also discusses why their team is considering moving away from being part of an insurance network and answers some fun questions about life.

“There are so many ways to expand what we already have, and that part I enjoy about my practice.” – Shivi Gupta

This week on T-Bone Speaks Dentistry Podcast:

  • Shivi’s career as a dental practitioner, her experiences as a young dentist, and where she is today.
  • The exact type of dentistry Shivi and her team perform.
  • Why they want to let go of being partnered with insurance companies.
  • What makes Shivi’s practice unique when it comes to how they entertain patients?
  • How they decided to design their practice around a rock and roll theme.
  • Why dentists don’t have an income problem, but an expense problem.
  • How headsets can improve a practice’s workflow.
  • The advantages of having a membership program in your practice.
  • Why Shivi wasn’t fond of extractions in the past.
  • Shivi answers some of life’s most interesting questions.

Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “If we’re not having fun, why are we doing this?” – Shivi Gupta

Connect With Shivi Gupta:

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