Setting Goals For 2021 And Beyond with Dimple Tejani


Dimple Tejani is the owner of The Heights Dental Gallery, a dental clinic in Arlington Heights, Illinois. They make use of CEREC as part of their 3-D dental services which allows them to design, create, and place numerous ceramic restorations in one visit. Born in Pennsylvania, her family moved to Illinois when she was 5. She went on to pursue a career in dentistry through the University of Illinois at Chicago. Today, Dimple specializes in crowns, inlays and onlays, as well procedures that use CEREC technology. 

Dimple joins me today to share the goals she sets out for herself in 2021 and what she wants to accomplish by the time she retires. She describes how her mother inspired her to become a dentist and explains how important online reviews are for modern practices. She also discusses some of her greatest struggles in her career, explains why she feels burned out, and describes what she thinks she needs to feel excited about the profession again.

“In this day and age, reviews are where you get a lot of your recognition.” – Dimple Tejani

This week on T-Bone Speaks Dentistry Podcast:

  • Who Dimple is, her practice, and why podcasts are outside her comfort zone.
  • How Dimple’s mother influenced her dental career.
  • The influence of online reviews in today’s dental practice industry.
  • When Dimple started working with CEREC.
  • The goal Dimple has for her career and what she wants to accomplish before she retires.
  • My thoughts on the future of dentistry and why I don’t want any dentist to practice alone anymore.
  • Some of Dimple’s greatest struggles as a professional.
  • Dimple’s thoughts on dropping insurance.

Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “Coming back after Covid, making new systems for everything was difficult.” – Dimple Tejani

Connect With Dimple Tejani:

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