Starting out by Buying a Dental Practice, Dr. Max Johnson


When Dr. Max Johnson was ready for his own practice, he decided to buy a dental practice instead of starting a new one. Dr. Johnson is a young dentist and has had his own practice for just over two years. In this episode, Max tells the story of how he got where he is, and he and T-Bone talk about the growth and changes that are happening in his practice and the challenges that go along with them. If your dental career is still fairly new, or if you want to inject new life into your dental practice, you’ll want to listen in and get some great advice and ideas from Dr. Johnson and T-Bone!

The role of continuing education in establishing your dental practice

When you’re starting out in dental practice, should you focus on learning on-the-job, or from books and courses? Is it worth taking classes when you don’t yet have a lot of patients? In this episode, Dr. Max Johnson and T-Bone talk about continuing education and how it benefits your practice from day one. They also recommend specific resources and courses that they have found to be helpful. Whether you are buying a dental practice, starting from scratch, or looking to grow an established practice, this episode contains lots of useful information on CE that you can use.

The hurdles that Dr. Max Johnson overcame after buying a dental practice

Buying a dental practice was what worked best for Dr. Johnson when he was ready to go on his own. But there were also significant hurdles that he had to overcome along the way. In this episode, Max shares what some of those hurdles were, and the things that he has done to move through them. You will be inspired by this energetic, forward-thinking young dentist as he talks about everything he has done to re-make the dental practice he bought into a practice that works for him and is growing and thriving.

Public Education and Facebook Videos create awareness in your dental market

Dr. Max Johnson quickly figured out that he and his staff were hearing the same questions over and over again from their patients. So he started doing a weekly Facebook Live video to answer those frequently asked questions and has found this to be a great way to connect with his patients and his community. In addition, he is starting to offer public education classes on new services and technology that he is offering. In this episode. Max and T-Bone talk about these platforms and how they are helping to grow his dental practice.

How do you go about establishing goals for yourself and your practice?

Having attainable goals for yourself and your staff is essential to the growth of your practice. In this episode, Dr. Max Johnson asks T-Bone about how to establish those goals. Listen in to hear T-Bone’s response and learn how to set your goals, help your staff to set their own goals, and how to work together to make it all happen. If you are ready for your practice to move forward, listen to this conversation to help you set the goals that will motivate your whole team.

Outline of This Episode

  • [00:16] Introduction to today’s guest, Dr. Max Johnson
  • [3:39] Dr. Max Johnson’s story of how he became a dentist and how he came to buy a dental practice.
  • [13:16] Dr. Johnson describes his dental practice and what was in place when he bought it.
  • [16:29] Questions and challenges with buying an existing dental practice.
  • [22:18] Max Johnson’s Continuing Education wish list.
  • [25:21] The value of including Continuing Education that helps you with patient communication and leading them to treatment.
  • [28:56] How much do you learn on the job and how much can you learn in a book?
  • [34:23] Dr. Johnson and his wife are both dentists, working in different spheres.
  • [40:33] How Max Johnson overcame the hurdle of limited cash flow.
  • [43:27] Your hygienist is your best resource for putting patients into the treatment funnel.
  • [47:08] Weekly videos for your dental practice are a great way to connect with your patients and your market.
  • [53:15] Record patient testimonials to spread the word about your dental practice.
  • [55:45] Why Max Johnson came to T-Bone’s course (and wishes he had brought his team).
  • [1:01:15] Dr. Johnson’s public education night, “Stop Snoring Now.”
  • [1:12:48] Thoughts on going digital: 3D and Cad-Cam.
  • [1:22:17] What Continuing Education is T-Bone taking?
  • [1:26:04] How do you go about establishing goals for yourself and your practice?
  • [1:33:29] How do you handle staff turnover? What on-boarding process is needed?

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