Strategic Planning for Your Dental Practice, Dr. Mitesh Dhulab


Do you need to do some strategic planning so that you can move forward with implementing the changes that will benefit your dental practice? Do you have questions about that process and challenges along the way? In this episode, Dr. Mitesh Dhulab shares his story and the questions he has about what is next for his practice. This fast-paced conversation addresses more elements of a dental practice than can be listed here – Listen in to learn from Dr. Dhulab and T-Bone’s experience and decide what changes may help your practice to grow and move forward.

What are your challenges in growing your dental practice?

Every dental practice has its own challenges when it comes to growth and change. In today’s episode, Dr. Mitesh Dhulab talks about the challenges he is facing and the growth he would like to see in his practice and gets some great advice from T-Bone. Do you want to get more patients and be able to do more complete dentistry? Listen to this conversation for practical tips for strategic planning that will get you moving in the direction you want to go.

Should you take time off from doing dentistry to work on your practice?

If you want to implement new procedures, new services, and new technology in your dental practice, you need to do some strategic planning. In this episode, T-Bone and Dr. Mitesh Dhulab talk about how taking some days off for this specific purpose can help move your dental practice into the future. For dentists in a busy practice, this can be a challenge. Listen to today’s podcast to learn the value of taking time off to sit and think, plan, and work with your teams to implement goals.

How to implement digital photography in your dental practice

One of Dr. Dhulab’s goals is to fully implement digital photography into his practice. In this episode, he and T-Bone talk about why digital photography matters, how to implement it, and what equipment and strategies are needed for success. If you are thinking about adding digital photography to your strategic plan, you’ll want to listen to this episode to learn what you need for a smooth transition.

Medical billing helps patients get procedures they may not otherwise be able to afford

Are you using medical billing in your dental practice? Medical billing is a practical way to help patients get the procedures they need that they might not be able to afford with just dental insurance. In this episode, T-Bone and Dr. Mitesh Dhulab talk about medical billing and what procedures it is most useful for. If you want to add medical billing to your strategic plan, listening to this episode is a great place to start.

Outline of This Episode

  • [3:45] Dr. Mitesh Dulab’s story about how he became a dentist and his path to opening his own practice.
  • [10:02] What made Dr. Dulab’s practice really take off?
  • [ 14:05] What kind of payment plans does Dr. Dulab use?
  • ‘[17:20] Mitesh Dulab’s success with medical billing.
  • [24:18] Mitesh Dulab’s success with DigiGuide.
  • [26:42] The effect that Conebeam has in Dr. Dulab’s practice.
  • [28:45] Challenges in Dr. Dulab’s practice – needing an associate.
  • [32:03] Challenges in Dr. Dulab’s practice – space issues.
  • [33:52] Taking time for strategic planning is necessary for growth.
  • [36:09] How do you divide work with an associate?
  • [38:45] Questions and answers about implementing photography.
  • [52:39] Why photography is so important.
  • [53:24] Home sleep tests.
  • [55:03] Finding an associate.
  • [58:16] What Mitesh has done well — implementing medical billing.

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