Successful Implant Dentistry, Dr. Peyman Raissi


Implant dentistry was not Dr. Peyman Raissi’s original plan. He wanted to be a general dentist and assumed he would work in corporate dentistry. On this episode, T-Bone’s series on Millennial dentists continues as Dr. Raissi shares the story of how he ended up doing implants almost exclusively in the practice that he built after just two-and-a-half years in corporate. Listen to this incredible story and learn some ways that you can take your own dental career to new levels.

Continuing Education is the key to being the best dentist you can be

Dr. Peyman Raissi always wanted to be the best dentist he could be. He found that Continuing Education courses were exactly what he needed for implant dentistry and many other aspects of his dental practice. Dr. Raissi encourages others to take CE, not only for the education received but also because of the huge difference that can be made through connections with other dentists and potential mentors. Listen to today’s interview to learn why CE is well worth your investment of time and money.

The challenging and worthwhile journey to owning your own dental practice

Dr. Peyman Raissi had not intended to build his own dental practice. But when a potential deal to become the owner of the corporate practice where he was working fell through after months of negotiation, Dr. Raissi decided to head out on his own. On this episode, he describes the challenges that he faced, the surprising amount of work that it took, what he would do differently, and what he has done to make his implant dentistry practice successful. Listen to his story on today’s episode of the T-Bone Speaks Podcast.

Should a practice that primarily offers implants also offer general dentistry?

Implant dentistry quickly became Dr. Peyman Raissi’s specialty. Ninety percent of his patients come in for implants. But he also wants to broaden his scope by offering general dentistry for the trendy upstart community he serves in Nashville. In this interview, T-Bone and Dr. Raissi discuss the pros and cons of adding general dentistry to what is currently available in his practice, and explore possible ways to make that happen. Listen in to get a perspective and ideas for blending specialty and general dentistry.

How Dr. Raissi uses social media to advertise implant services

Dr. Raissi has completed over 1000 implants. In answer to T-Bone’s question about how he gets implant patients, Dr. Raissi explains how he uses extensive social media for his marketing and stays current with what others are doing as well. Listen to this interview to learn how all forms of social media can help bring in patients through advertising, video before & after testimonials, blogging, posting your cases online, and more.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:16] Welcome to T-Bone Speaks! Today’s guest is Dr. Peyman Raissi.
  • [1:19] Dr. Raissi’s story, from 2014 graduation through two years in corporate dentistry.
  • [4:34] Continuing Education is the key to being the best dentist you can be.
  • [10:48] How many implants has Dr. Raissi completed?
  • [12:09] How hard was the decision to own his own practice?
  • [14:00] Facing the work and financial challenges of opening your own practice.
  • [15:45] Why Dr. Raissi would plan further ahead to put his team together.
  • [17:33] The hardest part of owning your own business.
  • [19:51] Why you need to learn the business side of dentistry.
  • [21:37] Dr. Raissi is building a practice that will be a hybrid between an affordable model and a clear choice model.
  • [23:31] Should a practice that primarily offers implants also offer general dentistry?
  • [28:03] Using social media to increase the number of implant patients you serve.
  • [40:40] Focus on what’s working. Don’t try to do too many things.
  • [42:13] You may need a good marketing team.

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