Incremental Change That Works! T-Bone’s Weight Loss Journey and More with the Dental Hacks


While big eye-popping change is sexy, the slow process of incremental change takes time and patience to see results. T-Bone says that people need evolution not revolution when it comes to looking for a change in life and business. On today’s replay from the Dental Hacks Podcast, T-Bone shares lessons that he has learned in a professional setting and on a more personal note, lessons he learned on his weight loss journey. T-Bone’s case for a patient and gradual approach of incremental change is one that everyone can learn from and use to implement meaningful and lasting change in their life. You don’t want to miss a minute of this fascinating episode!  

Teaching, the Ultimate Incremental Change Process

Think back to your time in an educational environment, did you learn concepts quickly and in big ways or did you learn over time as the concepts built upon one another leading to incremental change? On this episode, T-Bone opens up about his experience starting his teaching center and his passion for helping students learn to tackle new concepts in an engaging way. Teaching is the ultimate example of what T-bone wants people to understand, meaningful and lasting change often happens when we take the long and patient route rather than the flashy and popular one. Listen to this episode to hear T-Bone expand on this subject and much more!

T-Bone’s Weight Loss Journey

When it comes to incremental change, one of the hardest areas to have patience in is when it comes to personal transformation. If there was ever a time when people crave a quick fix solution, it’s when it comes to their personal health. On this episode, T-Bone talks about his weight loss journey and how he made intentional changes to his daily schedule to get the results he wanted to see. What lessons can you walk away with from T-Bone’s inspiring story? Find out on this episode!

Making Wise Investments

Where do you make your investments? Do you trust the markets and try your luck there? Should you pour money back into your business or your personal education? What are the wisest investments to make in a time where markets are unpredictable? On this episode, T-Bone explains his approach and why he believes that investing in yourself and your business it the best way forward. At the end of the day, everyone needs to answer this question for themselves but T-Bone gives very positive and helpful advice for leaders to consider as they plan for an uncertain future. Get more helpful insights like this one from T-Bone on this episode! 

Chasing Your Dreams

Are you chasing your dreams? Seriously! What are the things that are holding you back? If you want to see your dreams fulfilled, you’ve got to step toward change. Most people never do this because they think they need to make a big splash and do all the work at once but that’s not the case! On this episode, T-Bone walks through examples from his life that illustrate how people like you can chase their dreams by moving toward incremental change. Find out how you can get started today by listening to this insightful episode!

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:16] Intro to the Dental Hacks podcast with Jason Lipscomb and Alan Mead.
  • [2:00] Introducing Tarun Agarwal (T-Bone).
  • [4:00] T-Bone talks about his teaching center and how it operates.
  • [8:00] Alan talks about his experience attending the teaching center.
  • [12:00] Why T-Bone started his teaching center.
  • [16:30] T-Bone talks about his weight loss journey.
  • [25:30] Protecting yourself from a possible market crash.

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