TBS156 Pivoting Your Dental Practice: Growing Your Practice Through Medical Billing with Hootan Shahidi Part 7 of 8


Hootan Shahidi is the President and Founder of Cross Over Dental Enterprises or C.O.D.E. C.O.D.E. is a medical billing company that primarily serves dental professionals. Other than medical billing for dentistry, Hootan is also skilled in medical billing for medical devices and sales. He obtained his Master’s Degree in Public Health, Health Policy, and Management from Emory University.

Hootan joins me today to share his passion for medical billing and what led him to this industry. He explains the benefits of medical billing and how to know if you have patients who are entitled to use this service. He discusses why not many dentists practice medical billing. Hootan also shares what their medical billing program is all about and what clients will learn from their courses.

“Something that had a hand in your success that is not under your control is going to be your demographic.” – Hootan Shahidi

This week on T-Bone Speaks Dentistry Podcast:

  • Why Hootan is passionate about medical billing.
  • How he got started in his medical billing career.
  • The number of practices he’s involved with.
  • Why dentists think medical billing cannot be done.
  • The best ways to assess your medical billing.
  • The right time to hire a third party.
  • Benefits and financial expectations from medical billing.
  • What they teach in their medical billing program.
  • The difference between billable and payable.

Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “A good way to really assess the medical billing thing is thinking about the procedures that you do.” – Hootan Shahidi
  • “Let’s look at it from the patient’s side. What can you do to satisfy that patient or give a better patient experience?” – Hootan Shahidi
  • “Most HMOs don’t have out-of-network benefits.” – Hootan Shahidi

Connect with Hootan Shahidi:

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