The Changing World of Dentistry: Sound Advice for Today’s Dentist, Flashback Episode – T-Bone on The Passionate Dentist Podcast


It’s not your grandpa’s dental practice. The world of dentistry has changed and continues to change. In today’s episode, T-Bone is interviewed by Dr. B. Saib on The Passionate Dentist Podcast and gives practical advice to today’s dentists, both new and experienced. Listen in to learn about how to define success, why CE is so important, practical resources you can use, the most important habit that contributes to success, and much more!

If you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backwards

“If you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backwards.” These words, spoken by T-Bone’s father, have defined much of T-Bone’s approach to his dental practice. In this episode, he shares a little of his background, the things he has done to keep his dental practice moving forward, and the key things he recommends to help other dentists succeed in the ways that mean the most to them. Listen to this interview and get ready to move forward in the changing world of dentistry!

How is dentistry in 2017 different from dentistry in the ‘80’s and ‘90’s?

The world of dentistry is not the same today as it was in the 1980’s, although there are many who teach and practice with the same mindset as that of the 80’s and 90’s. In this interview, T-Bone addresses the changes in dentistry and talks about the mindset change that is needed for dentists to be successful in 2017. He also gives practical advice on a wide range of topics, from continuing education to taking insurance. Listen to this podcast to get sound advice for growing your dental practice in the 21st century!

T-Bone’s advice for new dentists

New dentists who are preparing to establish a practice have a unique set of challenges. In today’s flashback episode where T-Bone is interviewed on The Passionate Dentist Podcast, T-Bone gives specific advice for these dentists who are starting out. From how much continuing education to take, to how many operatories you need and what habits will contribute to success – on these topics and more, T-Bone offers helpful insights that can help you get established and succeed in the world of dentistry.

Digital Photography and In-House Financing: T-Bone’s top clinical and practice management advice

T-Bone has lots of practical advice for both new and experienced dentists. In this interview, Dr. B. Saib asks him to share his top piece of advice for clinical and practice management. Listen to this episode to find out why photography with digital SLR cameras is the most important thing T-Bone has done in his practice. And hear his surprising advice regarding in-house financing and the impact it has had on his bottom line.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:03] T-Bone’s bio.
  • [4:29] “If you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backwards.”
  • [6:56] How do you define success?
  • [10:14] T-Bone describes his practice and his training center.
  • [15:07] How is dentistry in 2017 different from dentistry in the ‘80’s and ‘90’s?
  • [17:32] Things that worry T-Bone about the younger generation of dentists.
  • [18:34] Advice to new dentists on debt and practice growth.
  • [22:09] Break and sponsor thank-you’s
  • [23:13] The best advice T-Bone ever received (about taking insurance)
  • [24:55] Flexibility and the ability to integrate: The habits that contribute to success.
  • [26:18] Why digital photography is the most important thing T-Bone has done in his practice.
  • [27:29] Why T-Bone believes in self-financing his patients.
  • [34:33] Why dental implants are what is exciting to T-Bone right now.
  • [37:42] Why Dental Town is T-Bone’s favorite internet resource.
  • [39:32] T-Bone’s current book and online resource recommendations
  • [43:24] Why you should let the professionals negotiate your fees.
  • [45:13] How much continuing education should a new dentist take?
  • [49:07] Should I drop my website and just use Facebook?

Resources & People Mentioned

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