The Culture of The Practice with Jill Swafford


Jillian Swafford is a Dental Speaker, Coach, and owner of Oaks Dental Designs, a fixed dental lab in Pikeville, Tennessee. Established in 2018, Oaks Dental Designs provides various dental lab work, including function restoration, MCX5, Pressed Emax, Implants, Precision Milled Nightguards, and Gold Titanium Implant Restorations, to name a few. As a coach, Jillian helps dental offices have better communication with their suppliers. 

Today, Jillian joins us to share the cultural impact a leader should have in their dental practice. She shares the main cultural drivers behind excellent practices and why any member can be that driver. She discusses why she chose to focus on dentistry as a career and what made her want to open her own business. She explains how she got into the business of coaching and some of the hardest lessons she has learned. She describes the effects of office drama in a practice and how a leader should extinguish them. Jillian also shares her experience in handling a team member who was not in sync with their practice culture, the values exceptional leaders typically possess, and what exceptional leaders can bring to your dental practice.

“Culture is way more important than one person. It’s not personal; this is business.” – Jill Swafford

This week on T-Bone Speaks Dentistry Podcast:

  • Jill’s path into dentistry and her thoughts on the importance of practice culture
  • What made Jill want to open her own practice
  • The cultural drivers in any dental practice
  • The benefits and drawbacks of buying an existing practice
  • How to implement the culture you want in an established practice
  • The tough conversations Jill has had on her way up and how it improved her coaching style
  • The values of an exceptional leader and what they can bring to the practice
  • How Jill helps rid her practice of drama
  • Jill’s talent as a singer and her favorite song

Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “Everybody can drive the culture if you have the right people in place. It doesn’t just have to be your leaders.” – Jill Swafford
  • “f you have the right people in place, the patients will continue to come there.” – Jill Swafford
  • “You have to understand that your culture is first, and you have to build your patient base with patients that want to come to you because you’re there.” – Jill Swafford

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