The Dentistry Flywheel with Farai Kufakwedu


Farai Kufakwedu is the Founder and Head of Momentum Building at Dentistry Flywheel, a company that helps practices achieve their true earning potential by utilizing “the Flywheel Effect”. Partnering with Dentistry Flywheel can help your practice convert more leads into patients, attract more high-value cases, and boost patient retention. Farai is also the author of The 9-Star Patient Experience: MOMENTS OF MAGIC PLAYBOOK, where he talks about the strategies business owners can incorporate into their day-to-day that can boost patient referrals and retention.

Today, Farai shares how he applies the Flywheel Effect to dental practices. He describes what the Flywheel Effect is, where he learned it, and what it can do for your practice. He explains how it works and the essential aspects relating to practice culture and online presence. He shares actionable tips for building your website and creating marketing funnels for your dental practice. Farai also discusses the team members who need to master sales and marketing. 

“A flywheel is a framework that takes all the major elements you need to grow your practice, and arranges all those individual elements into a logical sequence—the goal being to maximize the effectiveness of everything you do.” – Farai Kufakwedu

This week on T-Bone Speaks Dentistry Podcast:

  • What the Flywheel effect is and how it relates to dentistry
  • How Farai utilized the Flywheel effect in dentistry
  • Why Farai’s life was in danger before he moved to Canada in 2001
  • Farai’s passion for entrepreneurship that led to dentistry
  • How Farai started Dentistry Flywheel
  • The critical aspects of a practice’s flywheel
  • Why practice culture is critical for success
  • What the 9-Star Patient Experience is and how a practice can achieve it
  • How to effectively manage your practice’s reputation online
  • Farai’s tips for online reviews
  • The common mistakes many dentists make with their online presence
  • Staff members who need to be trained in sales and marketing
  • Farai’s advice on encouraging more referrals from patients
  • How long it takes a practice to build its flywheel

Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “Long gone are the days when people referred out of the goodness of their hearts.” – Farai Kufakwedu
  • “If the practice culture is dialed in, everything else becomes very easy.” – Farai Kufakwedu

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