The Empowered Dental Associate, Dr. Abbey Morales


For Dr. Abbey Morales, working as a dental associate has been a wonderful opportunity for mentorship. On today’s episode, Dr. Morales shares her story and how she has benefited from being mentored by an established dentist, and what she does to be sure she learns as much as she can from him. Listen in as Abbey and T-Bone discuss what makes a great mentor, the joys and challenges of working as a dental associate, how to become a leader, and finding your passion.

Continuing Education is crucial for developing your dental career

Dr. Abbey Morales received an excellent education at Midwestern University. She depends on her education every day and goes back to the basics as the foundation for her practice. But, unlike many other young dentists, Dr. Morales also understands the value of Continuing Education and spends time reading books and attending high-level courses. Listen to today’s podcast to learn why CE is so important and how it can help you develop your dental career regardless of how long you have been in practice.

Why you should ask your boss to empower you to implement changes with your team

When you are a dental associate, it can sometimes be a challenge to get your team on board with changes, since you are not “the boss.” On this episode, Dr. Abbey Morales and T-Bone discuss this challenge and how to overcome it, and T-Bone shares how this type of situation is handled in his practice. Listen in to learn how to appropriately get the empowerment that you need for the team to respond to your leadership.

Are you a boss or a true leader?

As you develop in your role as a practice owner or dental associate, developing your leadership skills is crucial to building and equipping a successful team. On this podcast, T-Bone and Dr. Abbey Morales talk about the differences between a boss and a leader, and how to become the kind of leader who engages with your team and wins their trust. Listen to this podcast to discover whether you are a boss or a leader, and to learn ways to start becoming a stronger leader.

A word of advice for recent dental school graduates

Dr. Abbey Morales has practiced as a dental associate for the last four years since graduating from dental school. Her word of advice for other recent graduates? To constantly continue learning and not get comfortable. On this episode, Abbey shares some of her favorite ways to learn. Listen to today’s episode to hear Dr. Morales’ story, her thoughts on being a learner, and some coaching from T-Bone along the way.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:16] Intro to Dr. Abby Morales, from Port Charlotte, FL.
  • [5:50] Why Dr. Morales chose to become an associate in a private practice.
  • [9:57] What makes a good mentor?
  • [12:16] Dr. Morales’ focus on education in her dental practice.
  • [19:01] High-level training courses are worth the expense.
  • [22:19] Reasons to continue as an associate.
  • [23:39] Description of the Paradise Dental practice.
  • [26:30] A word of advice for recent dental school graduates.
  • [30:36] Ask your boss to empower you to implement changes with your team.
  • [37:40] Understand how to become a leader vs. a boss.
  • [45:06] Becoming an engaged leader who earns the team’s love and trust.
  • [54:20] Sleep implementation — overcoming the high-deductible objection.
  • [1:02:42] How to find your passion in dentistry.

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