Transforming an Outdated Dental Practice, Dr. Nathan Jergensen


Dr. Nathan Jergensen is a dentist in Hemet, California, a town of 80,000. He purchased and merged two dental practices from retiring dentists, and has begun the process of transforming his practice from old-school thinking into a modern, thriving practice. On this episode, he shares his journey and interacts with T-Bone on many of the issues he faces in the transforming process. A smaller town provides a great opportunity for young dentists to establish a thriving practice. Listen to today’s episode to find out why, and to get ideas on how it is done.

To implement change, learn how to share the vision with your team

Dr. Nathan Jergensen has great ideas and a strong vision for where he wants his dental practice to go. But he encountered a challenge when his team members didn’t understand it and buy in. Dr. Jergensen came to the realization that he was his own biggest hurdle, and set out to learn how to better communicate his vision. On this episode, he talks with Tarun about his learning process and some of the changes that are now coming about. Listen in to learn how to get the help you need to communicate with your team more effectively.

Tips and Resources for Transforming an Outdated dental practice

Dr. Nathan Jergensen is in the process of transforming two old-school practices into one modern, thriving dental practice. On this episode, Nathan and T-Bone discuss the changes that are necessary and how to go about making them. Listen in for tips and resources on everything from what cameras to buy to how many operatories are needed, patient education and treatment planning, video testimonials, practice software, payment plans, and more!

You can’t go from zero to hero!

You have to start with something simple in order to do something great. It takes patience and tenacity to move through the changes that are necessary to transform an outdated dental practice into a modern, thriving one. On this episode, T-Bone and Dr. Nathan Jergensen discuss the process and the need to let go of the “want it all now” mindset. Listen in for some wise advice for making changes in your dental practice and to hear an authentic conversation about one dentist’s experience.

Keep one eye on the short-term goal and the other on the long-term

Transforming a dental practice takes time, perseverance, and dedication, keeping one eye on the short-term goal of what it takes to survive, but yet having the other eye on the long-term goal of what it takes to thrive and have the practice lifestyle that you want. On this episode, T-Bone and Dr. Nathan Jergensen interact on this balance of short-term and long-term goals. Listen to today’s interview for a close-up view of what it takes to transform a dental practice.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:16] Dr. Nathan Jergensen’s journey to purchasing and merging two outdated dental practices.
  • [8:12] Why a secondary market can be a great opportunity for business.
  • [13:54] Patients’ response to changes was mixed.
  • [16:28] How Dr. Jergensen got into implants.
  • [22:51] My biggest hurdle is . . . me.
  • [25:23] Dr. Jergensens’ perspective on success.
  • [29:22] Payment plans open up possibilities.
  • [32:47] Recommendations for using cameras in your operatories.
  • [36:37] Improving case presentation and treatment planning.
  • [38:14] Dr. Jergensen’s short-term goals.
  • [40:50] How to motivate your team.
  • [43:57] Take away excuses so that you can make things happen.
  • [46:39] Do things in the short-term that support the long-term vision.
  • [47:55] T-Bone: Confessions of a dentist who is not a good patient.
  • [50:12] Pros and cons of making the switch to Open Dental.
  • [54:34] Changes that T-Bone would like to make in his own office.
  • [56:52] Outsourcing to remote workers vs. traditional outsourcing.
  • [57:53] T-Bone’s plans for a non-profit dental clinic.
  • [58:51] How many operatories are needed to support two dentists?
  • [1:04:05] What is more important than moving to a more visible location?
  • [1:06:46] Keep one eye on the short-term goal, and the other on the long-term.
  • [1:07:47] T-Bone on hiring his team.

Resources & People Mentioned

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