Transitioning to Advanced Dental Technology, Q & A with Tarun Agarwal on the Dentalpreneur Podcast


What is your motivation for implementing advanced dental technology into your practice? How much money is enough? Is there something beyond money that is motivating you? In this episode, T-Bone talks with Mark Costes on the Dentalpreneur Podcast about why they do what they do, and how to implement the technology and procedures that fit with your goals. You’ll want to take some notes as you listen to this interview jam-packed with information you can use.

Reasons to set up in-office payment plans in your dental practice

Does your dental practice offer payment plans for patients? Are you concerned that it would negatively impact your production to collections ratio? T-Bone uses in-office payment plans to help his patients be able to afford advanced dentistry. In this episode, he explains how plans are offered to patients based on their treatments, how offering these plans benefits his practice and his patients, how these plans enable him to use more advanced dental technology, and how he establishes minimums and payment plan length. Listen in to get all the details and decide if offering payment plans would benefit your practice.

How to transition into a more technologically advanced practice

Are you thinking about integrating more advanced dental technology in your practice? Is investing in technology a sound business decision for you? In this episode, Tarun explains the process of investing in technology that will make advanced dentistry easier for you. He provides insights into when this investment is a good decision for your business and how your mindset affects your decisions about technology. He also explains how the technology can be free for your practice. Listen to this episode and get all the information you need for transitioning to advanced dental technology.

How to determine which technology to integrate into your dental practice

Do you know where to start with integrating advanced technology into your practice? It is not the same for every dentist, in every practice. In this episode, T-Bone talks about key questions to ask that will help you know what would be the best first step for your practice. He also explains the benefits of technology for your patients, and for your practice. Listen in to this very practical discussion to get the information you need to move forward in implementing advanced dental technology.

Why and how to do medical billing in your dental practice

What aspects of dental treatment can be billed to patients’ medical insurance? How will implementing medical billing benefit your practice? And how do you get started with medical billing? T-Bone answers these questions and more on today’s episode with Mark Costes on the Dentalpreneur podcast. Medical insurance can cover more than you might think, and can also support your integration of dental technology. Listen in to get the details about why and how to implement medical billing in your dental practice.

Outline of This Episode

  • [2:28] Thoughts on owning multiple practices.
  • [5:00] How much money is enough? Why am I actually doing this?
  • [10:12] Why and how to implement in-office payment plans.
  • [15:05] How in-office payment plans affect your accounts receivable and your production to collections ratio.
  • [17:34] Printing financial menus for each patient.
  • [19:13] Why payment plans have to be on an automated system.
  • [21:55] Rationale for getting on the road and speaking
  • [25:53] How to transition into a more technologically advanced practice.
  • [29:40] How to make sound business decisions about technology.
  • [32:24] The right mindset is essential for getting advanced dental technology.
  • [35:11] Dentalpreneur Podcast sponsor info. Unified Smiles. Overhead and cash flow control.
  • [37:07] How to determine which technology to integrate into your dental practice
  • [41:17] How to get started with medical billing.
  • [46:38] Things we do for free that could be covered by medical insurance.
  • [52:52] How to do medical billing and why it may not be working for you yet.
  • [57:25] T-Bone’s medical billing, sleep apnea, and 3D workshops.
  • [59:42] We need to get back in touch with the hassles we are creating for our patients.
  • [1:03:55] Three phases of dental practice – General, Advanced, and Emotional.
  • [1:06:09] The economics of implants in T-Bone’s practice.

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