Using Membership Plans to Improve Cash Flow with Dr. Brett Wells


Brett Wells is the Founder and CEO of Dental HQ, a company that provides membership plan services to dentists who want to improve their in-house membership plans. He started Dental HQ because he saw the frustrations patients experience with the insurance process and sought to make their dental appointments smoother. Brett has since grown his business and continuously attracts new clients, even when the coronavirus pandemic hit the economy hard.


Today, Brett shares how his membership plan changed the way he runs his business. He discusses why he started multiple offices after graduation and how Dental HQ was founded. He explains how membership plans can help bring more patients as well as some of the possible drawbacks of having one. He describes the perks their patients receive with their plans and how much it costs the patients. Brett also explains how membership plans compare and contrast with dental insurance.

“It’s all about the monthly price. That’s what your patients want to see: the affordability.” – Brett Wells


This week on T-Bone Speaks Dentistry Podcast:

  • How you can use membership plans in your practice
  • Where Brett learned about membership plans.
  • Why Brett opened multiple offices after graduation.
  • The systems he has in place in his offices.
  • What entrepreneurs should expect from having multiple offices.
  • The benefits of giving non-insurance patients discounts.
  • How Brett’s membership plan kept his business running amidst Covid-19.
  • The difference between insurance and a membership plan.
  • Why membership plans don’t have to be a discount.
  • What Brett’s members get from his membership plan.
  • Brett’s thoughts on patients dropping their own dental insurance for membership plans.
  • Getting your team on board with your membership plan services.
  • The drawbacks of having a membership plan in your practice.


Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “If you want to live a headache-free life, don’t chase being a DSO just to make more money.” – Brett Wells
  • “You should really have 80% of your cash patients on your membership plan.” – Brett Wells
  • “You should never buy your own dental insurance.” – Brett Wells


Connect with Brett Wells:

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