In-Person Courses

Intimate education focused on helping dentists with clinical and business skills needed to take control of their future.

Dental CE Experience Unlike Any Other.

If you are tired of boring CE lectures that don’t keep your attention or learning from speakers who clearly no longer understand what it takes to run a dental practice – then you are ready for 3D Dentists!

We have numerous seminars, hands-on workshops, and live patient programs that are proven to help you earn more money, see fewer patients, and enjoy dentistry more.


3D Mastermind

Take Back Control Of Your Practice. 6-month coaching program dedicated to helping your accelerate your career.

3D Dental Business Bootcamp

Slow Down To Speed Up. Dedicated to developing business principles and a case acceptance workflow that leads to YES!

3D Treatment Planning

Learn How To Tackle Complex Cases With Ease By Learning And Implementing Our Advanced Treatment Planning Framework

Digital Endodontics Workflow

Elevate Your Practice with Cutting-Edge Endodontic Skills. Ideal for dentists looking to add endodontics to their service menu.

Dental Implants

Tooth Replacement Therapy - WITH LIVE PATIENTS

Proper Atraumatic Extraction and Site Preservation Technique. Fundamentals of 3D Guided Implantology, and Implant Impressions.

Full Arch Express - WITH LIVE PATIENTS

LIVE PATIENT OPTION. This is the most comprehensive Live-Patient Full Arch Implant Training we offer.

Advanced Bone Grafting - WITH LIVE PATIENTS

LIVE PATIENT OPTION. Learn the fundamentals of both the internal and external sinus lift.

Scale Your Full Arch Practice

Learn How To Scale Your Profits, Boost Your Efficiency, And Revive Your Love For Dentistry With Our Full Arch Bootcamp

Clinical Growth

3D Smile Design & Dentures

Learn How to Create Custom 3D Digital Mock Ups that Allow You To Show Your Patients Their Dream Smile

Scaling Your Clear Aligner Practice

Bracket & Aligner Orthodontics. Learn how to make adult cosmetic orthodontics safe, predictable, and profitable.

Sleep Apnea - Implementation

Practical Implementation That Works. 2-Days focused on our proven 4-step workflow to add sleep apnea therapy to your practice.

Sleep Business Retreat

When Things Don't Go As Planned. 2-Days dedicated to learning how to deal with oral appliance therapy complications.

Crown Lengthening

Advanced Crown Lengthening Skills. Expand Your Skill Set, Increase Patient Loyalty, and Offer Comprehensive Care in Your Dental Business

3D Printing in Implant Dentistry

Discover How to Take Control of the Implant Process and Grow Your Practice.


Sleep Apnea

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