Young Dentists in a Changing Dental Marketplace, Dr. David Scardella


The T-Bone Speaks podcast series on Millennial dentists continues with today’s interview of Dr. David Scardella. T-Bone’s purpose for this series is to show young dentists that their debt does not need to hold them back, to encourage dentists of all generations to relate well with one another, and to raise awareness of what is coming in dentistry so that he and colleagues of his generation don’t become part of the “old school” that doesn’t know what is going on. Join T-Bone and Dr. Scardella to learn about what young dentists have to offer and the challenges they face as they enter dental practice.

Young dentists: Debt does not have to hold you back

The average dental school graduate enters practice with several hundred thousand dollars of debt. Many young dentists see this debt as a weight that holds them back from entering the kind of practice that they have envisioned. On this episode, T-Bone and Dr. David Scardella discuss school debt, the role that it plays, and how you can move forward in spite of it. If your debt is getting you down, you need to listen to today’s podcast interview!

Do you need a mentor as you start out in dentistry?

Many of the skills needed to operate a dental practice are not adequately taught in dental school. As young dentists enter practice, many are seeking a mentor to help fill in those gaps. On this episode, T-Bone and Dr. David Scardella discuss a number of issues around mentorship, offer differing opinions on residency, and talk about potential benefits of buying an existing practice with the seller staying on for a while. Today’s discussion can help you determine whether or not you want a mentor, and what to look for if you do.

Continuing Education is worth the investment

Young dentists burdened with school debt can have a tendency to shy away from spending money on Continuing Education. But CE can be the very thing that moves your practice into greater profitability. Millennial dentist David Scardella understands the value of CE and has chosen to invest in it. He shares his thoughts about it on today’s episode of the T-Bone Speaks podcast, and T-Bone gives some direction as to what CE topics will have the greatest impact on his practice. Listen in to find out why CE is worth the investment, even when you still carry school debt.

How to do more of what you love in your dental practice

What procedures are you passionate about in your dental practice? Our guest on this podcast episode, Dr. David Scardella, would like to do more implants. He and T-Bone discuss what it will take to get there, in terms of both CE and adding technology and treatments that can pay the bills with less of your time. Listen to today’s interview to find out how to free up more of your time for the things you love without sacrificing your bottom line.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:16] T-Bones reasons for doing this series on Millennial dentists.
  • [1:58] Dr. David Scardella’s story.
  • [6:33] How debt affected Dr. Scardella’s decisions about buying a practice.
  • [9:29] Why Dr. Scardella loved his residency at the VA.
  • [10:50] Why Dr. Scardella chose to work as an associate before buying a practice.
  • [12:43] Do you need a mentor as you start out in dentistry?
  • [21:01]Why T-Bone is not a big fan of residency.
  • [23:23] How Dr. Scardella made the decision to leave the associateship.
  • [25:55] Savings for your family and your practice are essential to your financial plan.
  • [26:43] Why Dr. Scardella bought a practice instead of scratch starting.
  • [31:22] Making a smooth transition from old owner to new.
  • [32:39] The size and scope of Dr. Scardella’s dental practice.
  • [37:12] Dr. Scardella’s goals for his space and doing more of the procedures he loves.
  • [42:29] Why you need the orthodontic discipline if you’re going to do implants.
  • [44:46] Making sedation available to the patients who want it.
  • [45:39] How Conebeam has raised Dr. Scardella’s confidence and increased patient acceptance of treatment.
  • [48:46] Paying yourself as an associate allows you to become a true business owner.
  • [52:22] Should I use medical billing for Conebeam? What other procedures is it good for?
  • [57:38] Sleep appliances let you pay the bills in a lot less time.
  • [1:01:34] You have to move through the pain points when you implement something new.

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