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Good morning and welcome to another Edition of Ask T-Bone.


honestly I don’t know if it’s morning where you’re at, but it’s morning where I’m at, so I wanted to say good morning. So today we have a question regarding our hands on medical billing course.


And the question is:


What information do we need to bring with us to your medical billing course in order to file a claim? And are there time limitations for filing trauma cases for instance if a patient was in a car wreck 2 years ago and has not replaced her missing teeth yet can medical billing still be utilized to help that patient pay for treatment?


So a couple of things, let’s talk about our hands on medical billing program that we provide with mr. Hootan Shahidi. I think medical billing is a greatly underutilized service to help patients pay for treatment and for to help us get paid for those things that we are doing in our practice, anyway get paid better for those things. So if you’re not utilizing medical billing in your practice I greatly encourage you to consider learning about it. Obviously you can learn a lot online, you can learn through others, but quite honestly unless you have some magic formula that I don’t have, when I tried to do it that way, we weren’t successful in our practice. I really became successful when I started going through courses and having somebody hold my hand and walk me through the process. And that’s really what our program is about. It’s two days hands on training where we walked through the fundamentals of medical billing for dental practices and we actually do Hands on file claim creation. Now our program is designed around those things that I struggle with as a practice owner, and those things that we can make it easier for you to do. In the course we do ask you to bring up to 5 patients and we will assist you in creating the claim, submitting the claims, and helping you with follow up on the claims to assist you in getting this claims closed out. Closed out means that they’re going get denied, that they’re going to be payable, or they’re going to get paid. Our experience has shown us that this course is essentially free because we collect or create enough claims that we will actually be able to pay for the course. Now addition to this we do follow-up webinars for three months afterwards to help you and your team, make sure that you’re implementing the technique correctly, and then we also available through email to assist with helping you. So we’re really committed to making sure that you’re successful.


So what information do you need to bring with you in order to file these claims?


You should certainly bring your patient’s medical information, the medical card, the front and back copy of it. We also need your notes that you did or a good recollection of the procedure that you did and very detail about what you did. Because often times we find with medical insurance there are individual codes that can be used that really detailed out the procedure where we consider that just part of the procedure and dental. For example there’s a membrane code. I often think of bone grafting, you just play some membrane as part of the bone graft, but in essence in medical there is a separate code for the membrane and a separate code for the craft itself. So, you need to bring detail about what you did. And then that’s really all you need to bring. And then, so if you bring the patient’s medical information card and the recollection of the procedures that you did on that patient, we can go ahead and file a claim, and go ahead and follow up with that. So the only key would also be is to know if you have billed dental already. Because having billed dental will change whether or not this is a primary claim, or a secondary claim, and if you have billed Dental we will need a copy of the EOB from the dental claim. So that way we can attach that to the medical claim as well. And we want you to bring that for three, four, five, six cases of various types. Not just crazy complex cases. In fact in our medical billing program our focus is not crazy complex cases it’s actually the everyday cases. We want you to bring some new patients with x-rays, we want you to bring some bone grafting case, we want you to bring an appliance case, we want you to bring maybe a minor surgical case. So bring some various types of cases, so that way we can produce claims of different types that really makes the exercises very good for you. So we will also do pre-eligibility check, we will do pre-authorizations, we will all do all these things live for your patients and you’ll get to do those and we will assist you along the way.


Now how far back can you go to bill your cases weather trauma or anything else?


And that will depend on the insurance carrier and the state that you are living. So what we do know on average most carriers allow you to go backwards up to 6 months, many of them allowed to go back with up to 12 months. So you have anywhere between 6 and 12 months to go ahead and get the claim filed. In Trauma cases I really recommend having either a police report or some type of documentation of the trauma. Photographs are great. If you saw your patient, you need to take some photos of the external trauma and things along that nature, so that you can have documentation to prove that the trauma actually occurred.


So hopefully that helps. I look forward to seeing you particularly at our medical billing course and I look forward to helping many of you others who come to a medical billing course we have a program in July of 2016 and October of 2016. Our July course by the time this podcast is published will have been sold out, and our October course is starting to fill up as well so if you want more information on our workshops that we provide please visit www.3d-dentist.com and that will have a workshop tab at the top and to simply click medical billing from there and that can give you some more information on the medical billing course and all the other courses that we do offer at our training facility in Raleigh North Carolina.


We look forward to hosting you and if you have any questions please visit www.tbonespeaks.com and submit your questions.

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