#AskT-Bone – Ep41 – Icon Infiltrant Resin – Occlusion Changes


Hello and welcome to another episode of #AskT-Bone on the T-bone Speaks Podcast!


Today I have two questions that I would like to answer, I think that will take up my time.


So the first one comes from Ronnie and this it says:


My name is Ronnie. I recently joined Dr. Patel’s practice in Roseville, California as associate dentist. I’ve been a huge fan of yours, ever since I heard you being interviewed on the Dental Hacks Podcast a couple of Christmases ago. You have a knack for telling things like it is, which I greatly appreciate as a new graduate. In Dr. Patel’s practice we consistently see patients, we have decalcified white spots on their teeth and Dr. Patel wanted me to reach out to you and ask about your thought on the Icon infiltrant resin which can help with improving the appearance of these decalcified spots and make them more resistant to Decay. How would you advertise and charge for the service? There is an article on style Italiano regarding this technology. Thanks so much for everything you have done for dentistry and hope to meet you at some point in the future.


Ronnie I am sure we will meet in the future, tell Dhaval I said hello and what a brilliant up-and-coming dentist that guy is. So just a quick plug, I have known Dhaval and we are doing our CEREC anterior program for those of you that are a CEREC owners listening to this podcast, if you are looking to take your CEREC Anterior game your one and two unit cases to a higher level looking to design better, looking to finish better, looking to staining glaze and characterized and Contour better, we will be holding a two-day CEREC anterior program Workshop, Hands-On Workshop in our place in Raleigh North Carolina I highly encourage you to consider attending. You can learn more about that by visiting 3D-dentist.com on that side note. Sorry for the plug there.


I know a little bit about Icon I have never used it, I have seen it. I remember when I first looked at it didn’t seem economically viable for me in my practice on a regular basis, you know to be quite honest with you to justify using it I would have to charge a lot and certainly there are some patients that would pay for it so I probably shortchange some of my patients by not having that technology in our office. But ultimately Icon is a infiltrative resin that they say can help arrest and reverse Decay, that can also be used for White Spot lesions and so I would encourage those of you that are seeing patients with that problem and looking for solutions to give Icon a closer look. Again, I don’t personally experienced in using the product but I know that if you do a search for style Italiano you will find that they have an article on Icon on using it and examples. And if you obviously do the Google Search on Icon Infiltrant Resin you will certainly find a lot there. So I apologize that I don’t know more about Icon but Ronnie I wanted to make sure I answer that question because otherwise Dhaval is going to say I don’t answer people’s questions so I don’t want that to happen. So our next question here was submitted by Lisa and it said:


I enjoyed you and your talk at SIROWORLD this meeting this past weekend -that was over a month ago that tells you how far behind I am on some of my #AskT-Bone here- and the question was: As an orthodontist can you comment on what occlusion changes you have personal experience having worn an appliance nightly for the last seven years. And that as part of your informed consent to a patient, how do you talk about this? Granted being able to breathe and live, trumps a relative change in inclusion. However have you noted any significant or deleterious effects from long term use of the Sleep Appliance?


So I’ve been using an oral Appliance for the last 7 or 8 years and I know that many people are worried about bite changes or joint changes and I personally have not experienced that in our practice and I have not experienced that on myself. And I think part of that is, first: we are not having a patient wear this more than 8-9 hours, I mean they are just wearing it while they sleep, and then we are talking to our about patience about exercises that use of an AM Aligner to help put that teeth back together again, chewing gum and different things along that line. So, we’re not seeing these joint changes and/or occlusion changes in our patients. Now I think part of not seeing joint changes and occlusion changes it’s also about recognizing who is a risky patient for that. So before you do Sleep Appliance I think you should always do a joint evaluation. This involves I use a stethoscope to actually listen to the joint, will also listen for cracking and popping, and will also use Cone Beam imaging, 3D imaging to also evaluate the joint for any existing bony changes, and the position of the condyle in the treatment position.


So I think utilizing a leveraging technology can certainly help with that. So Lisa I want to thank you for submitting that question.


Again, all I ask is two things, leave us some iTunes reviews I want to get up to 100. That is my next Landmark which that is 70 more to go. And then I also want us to have more people submit questions about anything not just about what I talk about, but for anything that you’ve got going on. I love hearing it because when I get questions that I don’t know about what that does is that also says you know what I need to get someone on our podcast that can talk about that. So any struggles anything that you have questions about, things that you want clarification on, send it and if I don’t know the answer and if it makes sense, if it is something I want to know more about selfishly will get something on the podcast that can answer that for you.


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