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Kris Aadland is the owner of Aadland Dental, a dental practice in the Vancouver, Washington area. She is also a faculty member of Implant Pathway, a group that offers continued education that helps dentists learn everything they need to know about surgical placement of dental implants. Kris completed her undergraduate work at Oregon State University and went to Oregon Health Sciences University for dental school. She has always dreamed of running her own practice, and with hard work and focus, Kris realized this dream in 2009 – a year when many practices were closing shop and filing for bankruptcy.

Today, Kris joins us to share what she’s been up to since we last had her on the show. She describes the transition she’s made when it came to reducing her working days and how she convinced herself that doing more isn’t the only way to grow. She explains the services her practice currently offers and why she’s still a bit anxious when it comes to tooth extractions. Kris also discusses how the pandemic allowed her to focus on her practice beyond the number of work hours she commits to every week.

“If I really wanted to go to that next step and really grow, I had to expand services.” – Kris Aadland

This week on T-Bone Speaks Dentistry Podcast:

  • Kris’ business model and why she wasn’t into implants before.
  • Why Kris is still hesitant when it comes to tooth extraction services.
  • How COVID enabled Kris to successfully try services she feared doing.
  • The work schedule Kris has and why she slowed down and cut working days.
  • Why growing a business doesn’t have to mean having a busy practice.
  • Addressing the fear of doing things differently.
  • Why it took Kris so long to cut her work days.
  • My thoughts on creating and repurposing content.

Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “It’s scary not to keep growing, and the way I always thought the way to push forward was to get busier.” – Kris Aadland
  • “It was terrifying to slow down because you don’t want to lose patients and trajectory, but I was definitely working harder, not smarter.” – Kris Aadland
  • “If I really wanted to go to that next step and really grow, I had to expand services.” – Kris Aadland

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