#AskTBone LIVE – Pandemics & Dental Business

Chances are you’re in your house right now because of the coronavirus pandemic, and you’re doing your part by temporarily closing your practice to help flatten the curve. But how […]

Doc, Can you fix my front dark tooth?

4 years ago a 60 year old woman presented to my practice with a chief concern that she has hated her front tooth (#8) for years and has never felt […]

Do Cerec Restorations last?

I started my Cerec Journey in 2008 and over the years I have placed thousands of Cerec restorations. I have seen my fair share of failures. Most failures have happened […]

#AskT-Bone – Ep47 – 3D CBCT as a Panorex

Alright! Welcome back for another episode of the #AskT-Bone Segment on the T-Bone Speaks Podcast! Today we have been submitted a question by Kyle and it reads: Thanks again for […]

#AskT-Bone – Ep45 – Sleep Apnea Diagnosis

Alright! And Welcome back! Today we are going to answer a question regarding Sleep Apnea in the diagnosis of Obstructive Sleep Apnea. I had a question submitted by Michael, it […]

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