Reinvigorate Your Practice

Many people will disagree, but I believe you can certainly be too comfortable with how you manage your practice. When you’re too comfortable, you lose your drive and your business […]

#AskTBone LIVE – Pandemics & Dental Business

Chances are you’re in your house right now because of the coronavirus pandemic, and you’re doing your part by temporarily closing your practice to help flatten the curve. But how […]

The Phases of Financial Freedom

One of the most underrated aspects of becoming a business owner is knowing how much you pay yourself. More than just the monthly salary, paying yourself stretches until the years […]

Creating Clinical Diversity with Dr. Sully Sullivan

Dr. Sully Sullivan is a dental speaker, dentist, and the host of the Millennial Dentist Podcast. He is a fourth-generation dentist residing in Nashville, Tennessee, and currently manages a practice […]

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