Maximizing Your CE Experience

We’re living in a world where you either keep up or get left behind, and this is especially applicable in the dental profession. The tools we use and the procedures […]

TBS210 – First World Dental Practice Problem

Running a dental business isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. Despite the clean offices, the amazing staff, and the high-tech looking equipment, there’s a lot of work behind the curtains. From […]

Getting Real About Denture & Implant Services

Dr. Joc Jernigan is part of the team behind Denture Care and Implant Solutions, a practice in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. The practice specializes in dentures and implants, but also […]

Supplying Your Dental Practice Post Covid-19

Chuck McKee is a Sales Representative for Patterson Dental, a dental supplies, equipment, and technology business that serves dentists and dental labs. He has over 20 years of experience in […]

What 3D Printing Can Do For Your Dental Practice

Have you thought about what 3D printing can do for your dental practice? Dr. Sully Sullivan is a fourth-generation dentist and practices at Sullivan Dental Partners in Nashville, Tennessee. He […]

Finding Your Dental Philosophy with Jared Ottley

  Jared Ottley is one of the dentists at Ottley Smiles Dental Center, a dental practice in Navarre, Florida. Their services include bleaching, cosmetic dentistry, a full-mouth restoration, implants, and […]

Building Trust Among Patients and Team

Trust is at the core of any kind of relationship and business. You wouldn’t want to work with someone you don’t trust. Likewise, people will want you to help them […]

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